New theory on the Jesus fresco retouch


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  1. Daemonworks says:

    Old lady ruins painting, suddenly there’s interesting in getting proper restoration work done. Hmm. Maybe she did have permission…

  2. Gimlet_eye says:

    The first rule of restoring something that is damaged: Don’t mess with the parts that aren’t damaged.

  3. voiceinthedistance says:

    It’s all in the details, sometimes.

  4. Guest says:

    My granny could do that.

  5. Marios P. says:

    she got the clothing pretty good though she messed up the papyrus

  6. Wingnut says:

    Now I regret teaching my Grandma how to photoshop…

  7. orangedesperado says:

    The Truth About De-Evolution: Now It Can Be Told.

    This restoration underlines Devo’s manifesto.

  8. Teller says:

    Woman might make interesting Coca-Cola spokeswoman. “Nothing I like more than refreshing Fresca.”

  9. Rich Keller says:

    I just thought of a question. How did this fresco become so deteriorated in just a dozen or so decades? The missing pigment looks like it’s been abraded off by people touching it as an act of devotion. It could also be possible that the ground or the pigment have been laid in improperly and aren’t adhering the way they should be. 

  10. Marmo Squirrel says:

    It is a tragedy that an artwork was ruined, But it’s done and cannot be fixed this second… I must say I rather like the Granny Photoshop Version. it’s a pity she couldn’t have just painted it on a bit of paper and hung it over the original. The effect would have been the same.

  11. bakingbarrister says:

    I’m convinced it looks like Fezzik from the Princess Bride. 

  12. Snig says:

    Maybe it’s viral marketing for the re-re-rebooting of the Planet of the Apes Franchise. 

  13. RedShirt77 says:

    I like the new version better anyway.  All hail our monkey god overlords!

  14. RedShirt77 says:

    Christ, what a Pissarro.

  15. D says:

    Thank god she used enamels…

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