Circuit-bent toy geetar


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  1. gtrjnky says:

    Can they make it sound a little more annoying?

  2. naught_for_naught says:

    NULL HYPOTHSIS:  Real Guitars are for Pussies when compared to A.S.M.O.’s totem cock for twads.
    DATA: see video
    CONCLUSION:  False. The null hypothesis is not proven.

  3. I would buy one of these with a large box of batteries for each of the children of someone from whom I wanted revenge

  4. David Horton says:

    welcome to the machine. you made a toy to punish your mom

  5. galen richmond says:

    Twenty thousand per cent disagree with everybody above.

    This sort of instrument works best as an accent to other things.  Put your ears on any number of compelling electronic releases from the last ten years and you’ll hear these kinds of sound all over the place.

    Obviously, since this is a demo video for an instrument A.S.M.O is selling, you’re seeing just a straight take of what the thing can do.  I agree, I wouldn’t want to watch someone rock out on just this thing alone for 45 minutes, but I don’t think that’s the point.

    This particular type of machine is like salt.  In the absence of other tastes it’s pretty overwhelming and kind of difficult, but it’s more than a little bit ridiculous to judge it in the absence of other flavors.

  6. I like the sound. I hate the title of the video. 

  7. I guess I’m too old but I only hear distortion.

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