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  1. noahd says:

    Ah, to return to the monochromatic days of my childhood…

  2. UXO says:

    I’m jammed up with no keys – where’s the rock to push?

  3. augh, when you restore from save it sometimes forgets achievements with no way to get them again.  The one I keep losing and can’t get back: 256 colour.  Nice little game but too buggy to be enjoyable.

  4. Jeremy Sachs says:

    Woo! Go Cannasse! FYI, that guy is also the main contributor to the best programming language on Earth, Haxe: http://www.haxe.org/ It makes games like his significantly easier to develop and scale.

  5. UXO says:

    Never mind, found it… :)

    • Hint? Can’t find the rock.

    • Nathaniel says:

      Where is it? I’m suck in the same place.

      • UXO says:

        Go right from the NPC that gives you ability to open doors, through the locked door.

        Further hint:
        Go to the right of that new area.

        Flat out spoiler:It’s the rock near the tree with the red fruit, at the far lower right.

        • Nathaniel says:

          Ah, you mean the one that really obviously looks like it’s supposed to be the one you’re meant to push, but which does nothing when pushed from any direction…

          (It turns out you don’t so much have to push it so much as repeatedly attack it with a sword.)

  6. dragonfrog says:

    Turns out Dropbox has download limits…

  7. Theranthrope says:

    The Dropbox link is “509″-ed, is there a video of gameplay anywhere so I can see what it looks like in motion?

  8. Alinkmaze says:

    You forget to mention that it was made in only 48h during the Ludum Dare challenge:


    From that you can check the source code or download the game (unzip and open ld24.html).

  9. paulcarcosa says:

    BoingBoing has brought Dropbox to its knees.  You can still get the game from GitHub though.  (Link provided above)

  10. Nicolas Cannasse says:

    I have updated the link here : http://ncannasse.fr/file/ld24/ld24.html

  11. Emojk says:

    He, reminds me of the first pages of Chris Ware’s ‘Acme Novelty Library #20′…

  12. tom rhodes says:

    Two of my worlds collide, for years i’ve read boingboing every day, and a lot of my spare hours over the last 3 years have involved learnign the incredible haxe language (www.haxe.org) which is another creation of the genius of Nicholas Cannasse. which is pretty certainly what is used to create this game.

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