Road rage hijinx

A Boing Boing reader says: "A SUV is getting blocked by two cars on purpose and almost gets hit by oncoming traffic so the SUV driver decides to take revenge on those two cars.
Harmless fun with 5,000 pounds of fast-moving metal


    1. I was going to say, the SUV looks like one of those a-holes who doesn’t merge properly (and early) and then passes everybody and expects to be let in at the last minute.  In Chicago they do a similar thing where they drive in the parking lane at stop lights and try to cut back in front of everybody.

      1. I just park my bicyle in front of those cars, then slip on the pedals when the light changes so they are stuck while sane drivers scoot along. The rage on their faces is worth the occasional collision, and the insurance money isn’t great, but hey, it’s a living.

      2. I was thinking it was like those people too.  I don’t have much of a problem with that behavior when it comes to merge lanes and other drivers are leaving too much space in front of them already — that’s just inefficient and making traffic worse.  But when you’re passing in parts of the road that clearly aren’t meant for driving in the first place, you’re going to a special circle of hell.

      3. Unless traffic is moving at high speeds, merging early is not merging properly.  It’s the early mergers that end up slowing down traffic for everyone.   A proper zipper merge means filling up the merging lane and merging at the point of the lane end.

        1. Thankyou! This is precisely the right way to use merge lanes and I am tired of hearing people complain that this use type is inappropriate. There is a difference between jumping your place in a merge and using all the road as is intended.

        2. Very common here in the land of long straight roads and centenarian drivers.  People merge a quarter mile or more before they have to, in traffic that’s only going 35 mph.

        3. Uh, no.  I’m talking about people who use the opportunity to be weasels and speed past everybody else and then try to force their way in at the last possible moment.

        4. Many places in America have a deeply ingrained culture of “be polite. wait your turn.”

          This is even more powerful than the desire to have speedy, free-flowing traffic.

          1. Other places in America have the “Me, me, me, I am late, get out of my way, this is my road” attitude.  Try driving in Southern California.

  1. The windows are clearly not down like the annotation would suggest. The original video is *MUCH* better.

  2. Oh, Russia.  Source of never-ending videos of drivers being jackasses.

    Turns out that insurance fraud is so epically huge in Russia that dash cams have now become extremely commonplace to prevent fraud. 

    Combine that with a country whose driving habits are a bit more Darwinian than most countries and you have a non-stop stream of epic fun times (not!) on the roads there.

    Yet another country where “hire a professional driver” is on the list of expenses for my ever visiting the place.

    1. I was wondering where this was from.  I thought harmless fun meant handguns, because I am American, so the splash was a surprise.  Also, the pop music on the radio definitely doesn’t sound American.

  3. After seeing the full vid, the SUV driver is far and away the asshole here. Quelle surprise.

  4. The Suv dork should wait his turn like everyone else. What makes him more important than everyone else that has to wait in trafic. 

      1. The full movie is great, the bit illustrating how reaction time relates to following distance is especially good. Better than any driving manual.

    1. that would be the false sense of annonimity the car gives you, lowering inhibitions, making people act out in the worst, most childish manner…same thing with trolls

  5. This wasn’t what happened.  The two lane turned into a one lane with plenty of warning.  The SUV stayed in the lane that was ending and passed all of the other cars so he could cut into the front, just as any entitled a-hole tends to do.   The guy in the car ahead of him saw what he was doing and decided not to reward this guy’s boorish behavior and then he displayed even more boorishness.  This is known as vehicular assault.

    1.  Things like this are why I miss the beat up ’79 Chrysler Cordoba that I used to own.  The only truly straight sheet metal on the car was the roof.  Fenders, doors, quarter panels, even dings on the hood and the trunk lid.  But, both nearly foot-tall chrome bumpers were absolutely perfect, as was the fiberglass header panel nearly eight inches behind the front bumper.  The car was battle-scarred and looked it, all before we bought it originally as a parts car.

      No one EVER screwed with me while I drove it.

  6. Allot of people are saying the SUV driver is completely at fault. I don’t know the rules of the road where this was filmed, so there is that to consider. I wonder if anyone who said the SUV was in the wrong knows them?
    In any case, the SUV driver was prevented from merging by the coupe. He was almost hit by oncomming traffic because the coupe driver refused to let him merge.
    Are the SUV haters here suggesting that it’s OK to put peoples lives at risk rather than press the break peddle for a second or two? Or, is it up to the coupe driver to teach the SUV driver a lesson (that may end in death) about the proper way to merge?
    In most places, I believe the coupe driver would be found at fault (right up until the SUV driver decided to teach his own pointless lesson)

    1. Read jeligula’s response above and watch the full clip linked in aeroplane’s post.

      Everyone was merging properly until the SUV, which tried to bully its way in at the last possible second (solid white line, already).

      1. Right. I get that. But, does his stupidity justify not allowing him in? Is it worth letting someone get killed to teach them a lesson? 

        1. Ah, yes, I see now.

          Now, I would let the jerk go.  20 years ago?  I would have held my ground.  Maturity is a good thing.

  7. The most egregious examples are people who use right or left-turn  lanes at intersections in order to jump ahead. A-holes, every one of them.

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