Devil Said Bang: Sandman Slim finds it's lonely at the top


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  1. Sarah Jones says:

    The Kadrey books are riveting and so much fun. I recommend them all the time – great pic Cory!

  2. Adam Goetz says:

    i wonder what other colors of god he will meet in this one?!

  3. ocker3 says:

    I’ve reserved a copy of the first book at my local library, I’m continually surprised by the breadth of their collection

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    I wish that Aloha from Hell would come out in paperback already. I loved the first two books, and these are books that should be read in paperback in a bar–neither hardback nor Kindle (on whatever device) is suitable for this purpose. 

  5. mark says:

    Unfortunately the Kindle edition of the book is broken, with missing and repeated chapters. 

    • Egypt Urnash says:

      I noticed the repeated chapters at the end but I didn’t clock to the missing ones. I just figured I was out of it because it’s been so damn hot here lately. Wonder if there will be any kind of note in my email when they get the fixed version up.

      I guess that’s one of the downside of not having actual “chapters” with numbers and a table of contents. Makes that kind of mistake more ambiguous.

    • Ben Engelsberg says:

      Boy am I glad to hear that there are missing chapters… I thought that Kadrey had taken a dive into the surreal.  The book seemed to really fall apart.

    • Michael Wright says:

      The Kobo version is also broken.

    • shamowfski says:

       Best place for updates on this is Kadrey’s twitter:

      Amazon didn’t have a clue, and the chat person said they wouldn’t be notified when it was fixed.  If you were paying attention, you’d see that it would redownload when it was updated.  Richard’s twitter says ibook should be fixed, amazon tomorrow hopefully.

  6. Nancy Lebovitz says:

    I don’t like really gritty fiction. I think of Kadrey as writing something like noir, except that it’s much too cheerful.

  7. John T. says:

    Too bad about all the supernatural crapola. Gritty L.A. is interesting enough without it.

  8. Adam Goetz says:

    finished this last night and i really like the first half of the book. aloha from hell though i enjoyed a lot more than this one. 

    they really lost me on the whole dreamer thing…i get it…i dont buy it…if anyone can explain it to me i’m all ears.

    Also Hardback is a great purchase and i did a good majority of my reading at the bar. simply remove the dust jacket and it’s ready to roll around in all the moist bar-top madness.

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