In China, some people are seriously into collecting pairs of big, round, nuts, and playing with them

[Video Link]. Collecting pairs of walnuts is a thing in China. The bigger and the older, the better! "Playing with these kind of nuts isn't for ordinary people," says one collector in this exquisite Reuters News video. (via Shanghaiist)


    1.  Yep, there’s your internet meme right there.  And I’m obviously in the wrong business. :)

  1. Ha! I seem to recall that 1970’s/1980’s rural PA experienced a walnut “bubble,” when people were planting walnut trees to harvest their wood, as a retirement investment. Now walnuts are growing wild there in the forests.

  2. It’s the modern Chinese equivalent of Dutch tulipomania only even weirder. It will surely end in tears.

    1.  Yep, It’s obviously a market bubble.  It’s gonna pop, I think probably sooner than later.  The Chinese gov’t is promoting walnuts as domestic investment into an object with little practical value, and even less historic value.

      It’s all a game being played with percieved goods.  The only thing that makes what you have valuable is the fact that someone else doesn’t have it and wants it.

  3. I think some clarification is due here,
    is this about collecting. . .
    is this about playing with one’s nuts?

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