Thief infected with Ebola from stolen phone

A thief nicked a cell phone from a patient at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale District, Uganda. Turns out, the owner had Ebola and the thief became infected. From The Monitor:
Police detectives began tracking him after he apparently began communicating to his friends using the phone. But as police zeroed in on him, he developed symptoms similar to those of Ebola and sought medication at the hospital.

While at hospital he reportedly confessed stealing the phone and has handed it to Kagadi police.

“Kagadi Police Station received that complaint and investigations are underway,” Mr John Ojokuna Elatu, the district police commander confirmed to Sunday Monitor.

"Man steals phone from Ebola patient, gets infected" (via Fortean Times)


  1. If this was posted on Yahoo or Facebook, there’d be 10,000 inane, schadenfreudic “karma” comments.

    1. It’s not karma, it’s utter stupidity. Even the ancients knew not to steal the clothes of plague victims.

  2. That is why I hate lending out my phone and getting it back covered with a stranger’s saliva spray and skin oil.

    1. Yes, but has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

      1. I am thought since we took it as funny, anything anyone really has for experience was seriously already even doing more with these.

        1. as auto-tranlate I, very serious anyway for victims of whom have Ebola now. Best way is to forgive and not laugh how see news from glass houses and sardonic witless town of ebola coughers who ask for help us.

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