Thief infected with Ebola from stolen phone


18 Responses to “Thief infected with Ebola from stolen phone”

  1. Petzl says:

    If this was posted on Yahoo or Facebook, there’d be 10,000 inane, schadenfreudic “karma” comments.

  2. “While at hospital he reportedly confessed stealing the phone and has handed it to Kagadi police.”
    …who now also have ebola?

  3. Lemoutan says:

    We really do need the telephone sanitizers off that B Ark.

  4. signsofrain says:

    A candidate for a Darwin award if I ever saw one.

  5. Mitch_M says:

    That is why I hate lending out my phone and getting it back covered with a stranger’s saliva spray and skin oil.

  6. BlackPanda says:

    Darwin Award for the gutless invidual who robs people on quarantine wards.

  7. Mahmud Ramdhani says:

    Likely this is funny, but we can take any experience about these story. 

    • Cory Trevor says:

      Yes, but has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

      • awjt says:

        I am thought since we took it as funny, anything anyone really has for experience was seriously already even doing more with these.

        • Khal Shariff says:

          as auto-tranlate I, very serious anyway for victims of whom have Ebola now. Best way is to forgive and not laugh how see news from glass houses and sardonic witless town of ebola coughers who ask for help us.

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