Vintage ammunition boxes

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Accidental Mysteries posted a striking selection of vintage ammo packages.


    1. Have you ever seen those beautiful tin containers in which ZYKLON B was packaged? The art, packaging and labels are very intricate with 3-color toning and lots of hand drawn lithographic flourishes. Simply stunning, despite the dastardly content.

      1.  Yes, because Zyklon B and Shotgun shells with bird shot in them were used for the exact same thing. Exactly. It’s totally fair to compare the two.

        1. It’s perfectly fair to compare the aesthetics of their packaging. If it weren’t for your and Richard Coates’ replies it would never have even occured to me that latelatelateshow might be trying to draw a parallel between using birdshot to hunt for one’s supper and using cyanide gas to commit genocide.

      2. Calling Zyklon B “dastardly” is a pretty crass way to undersell the horror of the Holocaust, as is comparing it to shotgun shells.  We get it that you don’t like shooting – but make your point in a way that doesn’t stupidly underplay the death of millions.

        1. A) you brought up the Holocaust

          B) you brought up the (Zyklon B) comparison with shotgun shells

          c) you brought up “the death of millions”

          I was only casually mentioning the graphic beauty of Zyklon B containers, which obviously you’ve never seen and therefore have never learned to appreciate. I’ve seen the containers and they’re well-designed. One could say that the Third Reich had a keen sense of design which helped their “cause” up to a dismal point.

  1. Can’t we recognize packaging art as art for it’s own sake?   Like firecracker wrappers or hard liquor, packaging can be appreciated even if you are no fan of the contents.

    Though the artistic value would be easier to recognize if the photographer had taken more care in lighting…

  2. Bit disappointed there wasn’t more. My dad has quite a few vintage boxes he has collected over the years and there is quite a variety out there.

    Is that a snipe on the box?

      1. And few things make me sadder than knowing that most of the folks hereabouts won’t have any idea what you’re talking about until they hit up a search engine.  :-(

  3. Many years ago a friend had his grand-dad’s Maxim .22 silencer and the box.  He sold it to a dealer who told him the box doubled its value.

  4. I am frustrated the illustration is so poor that I can’t identify the bird. Looks kinda like some kind of sandpiper relative. It’s similar to a killdeer  but the eyes are way too small. Killdeer are mostly nocturnal and have huge eyes. It’s also similar to a few types of curlew, but the bill is wrong.

    BTW, it is forbidden in Texas to shoot any of the birds I just mentioned, and I think all these birds are protected by treaty in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Much was made of the fact that W shot a killdeer on a dove hunt back in the 1994 Texas governor election, but Richards still lost to W. I am so sorry for what we let happen to this country. Please accept my apology.

  5. I have a few ammo boxes, but my main collecting obsession is dynamite boxes. Wooden, with dovetail notch sides, by companies like DuPont Atlas Hercules Red Diamond American Cyamamid etc.

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