Beast-Jesus Restoration Society


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Remember the elderly woman's startlingly strange ("bad") DIY restoration of the century-old Jesus fresco at the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza? If you, like me, just couldn't look away, perhaps you'll enjoy the Beast-Jesus Restoration Society. (via Jess Hemerly's IM)


    1.  40 Years?  They need to start bringing in the tourist dollars now.  $10 to see Meme Jesus.  Put up a screen ewith scrolling internet comments next to it.  That might actually inspire me to visit a church.

  1. Some news.

    The original painting is recoverable. And the “restoration” may be extracted without destroying it! If true, we would have the best possible new. The original painting restored, and our Ecce Homo visitable. The new, in spanish, is here:

    I saw a video some time ago with the paintings of the old lady, and I liked them. She is good at landscapes, the problem is the faces…

  2. I love the fact that the caption says, “Remember the elderly woman’s …” like it wasn’t just a couple of weeks ago. Wow, internet time is something special I guess … 

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