Interview with and reading by Richard Kadrey for Devil Said Bang


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  1. angusm says:

    I’m a big Kadrey fan, and very pleased that he’s doing so well with Sandman Slim. Still, I can’t help feeling that the universe of “Butcher Bird” – a book that he has described as a kind of ‘trial run’ for Sandman – was somehow richer, more vivid and more satisfying than the Sandman Slim universe. I almost wish he’d spun that off into a 4-book series, instead of leaving it as a standalone and focusing all his energy on Sandman Slim.

  2. Yep says:

    I really hope the publisher fixes the e-book version soon. Downloaders of the book (myself included) from Amazon have been up in arms over the entire middle third of the book missing from all ebooks. Got halfway through before I realized, now I’m high and dry. Like licking the scoop off of your ice cream cone right into the sand.

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