Please admire this hitch mounted stripper pole

Sometimes I think the parties my friends and I throw are not very good.

The Platinum Stage Hitch Pole

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  1. The mounting hardware for this stripper pole had better not interfere with my currently installed Truck Nutz, or there will be red-blooded, manly, hell to pay…

  2. I’d argue that the parties you have are probably fine; this just sounds like it’s one drunk person away from a really bad time and a hospital ride. 

    1. Where there are strippers and people watching strippers, it is rarely the strippers who lose their dignity.

      1. Well somebody’s dignity is getting stored, because that Escalade doesn’t even have 26″ rims. 

        How you gonna dance on a Cadillac with some small-ass 22″ rims?? answer me that

      2. I would wonder how many women get paid for dancing on that, vs the number coerced by beer and chortling male companions.

      3. Why would men watching women taking their clothes off for money have issues with their OWN dignity?  Seems odd, and contradictory to documentaries I’ve seen about strippers, who are generally very depressed, lost people trapped in an illusion that they’re making lots of money, even though they’re not.

        1. Hey here’s a novel idea, maybe no one is losing their dignity? Maybe talking of your clothes for money and/or watching someone do so isn’t necessarily a detriment to your humanity.

  3. Those pickup poles are a must at rowdy Scheid Diesel Fest parties in Indiana.
    150 Arrested, Cited At Rowdy Festival

    … Four other women were cited for public nudity after they exposed themselves while performing on poles in the back of pickup trucks in the same lot, which was visible to passing traffic on U.S. 41, police said.

    It also appears that in Indiana the parking lot of a Burlington Coat Factory is the go-to party location.

  4. That’s no stripper pole! It’s a really large paper spike to easily transport really large paper notes.

  5. Um… that’s projecting way over the minimum distance from the back of the vehicle to require a red pennant. I suggest red bikini tops tied to each corner, to complete the “look”.

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