Rushkoff: Apply for a Codecademy Fellowship!

Our dear pal Douglas Rushkoff says:

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I've been at Codecademy, the free online code school, as "Codevangelist in Residence" for two weeks now, and I'm as inspired and future-focused as I was the first time I met David Pescovitz at Morph's Outpost On The Digital Frontier. They're just launching a fellowship program for college students looking to get a year of experience before they graduate. Winners get $80,000, relocation to NYC, mentors in engineering, education, and entrepreneurship, and (for me the best part) the chance to help the world become more code literate. Can't wait to meet up with whoever ends up here, and particularly hoping it is a fellow happy mutant, so I'm letting you know first.

Codecademy Fellowship


  1. Any chance of a scholarship / fellowship for currently teaching educators who are promoting the power, joy and benefits of programming?  My college years are way behind me but something like this could be incredibly exciting.

  2. That’s really nifty. And the website is pretty cool too. (But I’m sitting here secretly imagining a world where there were such awesome opportunities for people with advanced degrees in esoteric subjects that no one else has any love or use for, hah)

  3. I want this so much, but am totally unqualified.  If you aren’t, PLEASE apply, it will give the rest of us hope!  

  4. Oh, and I hope, hope, hope that this will be an ongoing program.  Give me a year, and I’ll be ready!

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