Seed artists support marriage equality

I've written here before about seed art at the Minnesota State Fair. Every year, Minnesotans glue thousands of tiny seeds to heavy backing material to create some surprisingly elaborate examples of portraiture and political commentary. Oddly, given that this is folk art at a state fair in the Midwest, most of that political commentary is solidly liberal.

I wasn't able to make it to the Minnesota State Fair this year, but Minnesota Public Radio's Nikki Tundel was there. At least four different entries in this year's seed art competition feature marriage equality themes—responses to the coming election when Minnesotans will decide whether or not to enshrine discriminatory marriage laws into our state constitution. It's safe to say: Minnesota's seed artists want you to vote "No".

You can see all the marriage equality seed art at the MPR News Tumblr blog

Via the Stuff About Minneapolis blog, and Andrew Balfour


  1. It shouldn’t be TOO surprising. The upper Midwest, especially Iowa and Minnesota, are really quite progressive as a whole. The crazy conservative bigots are just louder, not more numerous.

      1. It couldn’t have been easy carving out a district with enough population, but carefully circumnavigating the Twin Cities almost entirely while still containing a couple burbs and exurbs.  And yet, there it is, Minnesota’s 6th.

  2. I like the cause, but are we even sure that’s a same-sex couple? I think lady gnomes have beards too. (Or is that just dwarves?)

    1. There aren’t any lady gnomes. Gnomes reproduce through mycelia. Those beards? Not exactly beards. And those smiles hide a dark secret. A secret that has been passed down since before Man walked the Earth.

      That’s what the man committed to the insane asylum told me. His eyes were wide as he relived the horror of the gnomes emerging from their non-Euclidean holes as he mumbled, “The eyebrows. Oh, God, the eyebrows!” And then he would speak no more.

      1. Clearly you are as ignorant of gnome physiology as Todd Akin is of female physiology. I would direct you to Wil Huygen’s “Gnomes”, nearly 30 years later it is still the last word in serious fact based gnome research.

  3. Minnesota has a great and long liberal history.  You couldn’t pay me to live anywhere that cold, but check it out. Those folks had some serious economic critique going on.

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