A Super Mario cat in a mushroom hat

Wearing lavender sunglasses (well, for a little while). [Video Link]. From Shironekoshiro's YouTube channel, a daily source of cute comfort in my life.


  1. What’s with the popup ad I got during the video for a contest to win 10k in cat parts?  Cat parts?  Probably just the scraps that they can’t unload any other way.

    1. I got “Used and Refurbished CATS. Over 25 years in business. Call us!” so maybe you can refurbish the parts and build new ones. 

  2. (This has nothing to do with shroom-cap’d purple-spec’d kittehs.

    On the iPad, I’m only offered the choice of posting comments with a Disqus account or a BoingBoing account.

    Is that a bug, or…? I started using Twitter here because my old BB account was eaten in the Great Disqus Conversion, and I’d like to keep doing that on the other device.

    Thank you, carry on.)

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