Victoria Jackson plays “There’s a Communist Living in the White House!” on her ukulele

[Video Link] Here's Victoria Jackson playing “There’s a Communist Living in the White House!” on her gorgeous Martin baritone ukulele.

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    1.  only a 1%er can own a classic Martin Uke… probably bought it in an antiques shop while summering in the vineyard, or the islands – heck maybe steve martin gave her a hand me down. the main complaint from the SNL old timers seems to be the tax bracket they find themselves in as compared to the Other Rich People(old money) who don’t pay taxes – mad at the gov for being taxed more for having worked for their wealth instead of thoes being born into it(and thus a lower tax bracket). not seeing that the 13% tax rate is something no (b)millionaire should have (ironically already seen as too high by big money)

      1. Uh… how the hell would Victoria Jackson be in the 1%? Being an SNL cast member doesn’t pay badly, but it’s still under the $100,000 a year mark. Being a cast member from the 80’s who turned to evangelical christianity and right wing politics probably doesn’t pay all that well either.

        This may come as a surprise to you, but they don’t hand you a billion dollars and a mansion just for appearing on TV.

        1. But public speaking can rake in the cash. If she charges for the crazy, she may be doing quite well.

          1. In her case, I doubt it. She had to rent a booth at CPAC to hawk her DVDs, not the sign of a successful wingnut entrepreneur.

          2. Oh, come on! That would almost suggest that she’s not a shining beacon of successful capitalist philosophy whose shining example will show us the shining path to economic recovery.

            Oooh, shiny.

          3. That’s not really her particular brand, actually–she’s a Jesus freak who don’t know much ’bout the economy but is concerned about the “godless” part of Godless Communism. (Seriously,  she’s still pissed at Al Franken for telling her to fuck off when she tried to testify to him while they were both at SNL.) 

        2. Also, you tend to forget the crux of the issue: Most loon-balls like this might not be millionaires but they are delusional and believe that they one day might grow & become a millionaire.

          So folks like this are fighting against a future where they fear they will be denied Goldschläger & shit like that.

          1. Well, sure, I’m not disagreeing with that at all, obviously she’s a wingnut, she’s just not a wingnut with lots of money, and the ability to hobnob with Hollywood’s elite (anymore, at least).

        3. Well, they did that for me, but I was a contestant on the popular reality show “What would you do if we handed you a billion dollars and a mansion just for appearing on TV?”.

          I bought a solid gold ukelele.

      2. In the not-too-distant future, scientists believe that we’ll all have computers and other communication devices interconnected by a network… an “internet”, if you will… and we’ll all be able to use our devices to access  a “search engine”, a program to find places on the network with relevant information.  When that happy day arrives, it’ll be pretty easy to learn that a vintage Martin Baritone Ukelele can be purchased for 900 dollars– pricey, but not exclusive to the super-rich.  For now, i guess we’ll have to take your statement at face value.

  1. Yeah, a communist that transferred more wealth to the big banks and wall street bastards than we can ever replace. She’s as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    1. I demand an immediate apology on behalf of both bags and hammers.  That was a cheap shot to both.

  2. Don’t forget that he wants to kill your grandmother, eats dogs everyday for lunch, is muslim, only got into Harvard because of affirmative action,  isn’t really an American, hates success, loves handing out checks to lazy people, wants to turn our country over the U.N., and most importantly…is black.

      1.  There’s a poem in there somewhere.

        There’s also the cognitive dissonance of the embrace of the “red” by the wingnuts, many of whom probably proclaimed “Better Dead than Red!” back in the day.

        1.  Well, the Koch brothers are funding most of the far-right of the Republican party these days.  Their daddy was the fellow who bank-rolled the John Birch Society.  The TEA Party is nothing more than an attempt to make the JBS’ nut-ball extremism marketable in the 21st century.

    1. Yup, this President has been through the ringer, unlike any other President in history.       Though he hasn’t been dragged through the streets behind a pick-up truck, so I guess we should be thankful.

      Remember when President Obama was planning to speak to school children and the right feared he was going to “indoctrinate our children”?

      Though who can forget VP candidate Palin referring to “real Americans” as opposed to the rest of us as well as claiming Presidential candidate Obama “palled around with terrorists”?

      Not to be outdone, we had the “Obama waffles” at the Texas Republican state convention in 2008, the picture of the White House with a watermelon patch photo-shopped in the foreground, First Lady Michelle Obama with a monkey’s face super-imposed, racist faxes, emails from elected officials throughout the country, etc.

      And they call HIM the “divider”!     They are lucky he hasn’t locked them up in Guantanamo for treason.

      Can you imagine the crap he put up with while growing up?    Children believe when they get older and become adults the taunts will end because people ‘mature’.   Obviously the lesson here:  mankind is anything but kind, nor do they grow up.

      1. I’d like to agree with you that Obama has had it worst of presidents, and certainly he has in recent history, but a quick glance through some of the campaign materials of previous years, and political comics from the past show that this is kind of the norm.  Sadly.   Unfortunately.  I honor and defend our right to free speech, all the while abhor how poorly people employ it.

        1. This is my overly simplistic theory to explain everything so take it FWIW, but: Ronald Reagan was so popular and successful at his game that he made American conservatives truly believe that the “permanent majority” doctrine of the Republican party IS manifest destiny. So every Democratic president from now on is not the loyal opposition, but the usurpers of their divine birthright. How else do you explain that Clinton’s two-term presidency was nearly all taken up with a relentless multilevel investigation into possible corrupt real estate dealings during his governorship which uncovered, ultimately… a beej that he got from a White House intern?  Obama is nowhere to the left of Clinton, yet his troubles are the continuation and legacy of that and he has on top of it the stigma of being (half) black and having a “foreign-ish” background, despite what we know from the 14th Amendment as the definition of being a citizen of the United States of America. And because of that, he is also heir to two decades of Rush Limbaugh and others’ reactionary whining about those damn overprivileged poor people and minorities, which I’m pretty sure was spawned by that same aforementioned sense of threatened political entitlement. I assume that every Democrat or ostensibly “liberal” president will have the same onus on them for the foreseeable future, plus or minus their cultural distance from those who either publicly or secretly think that “Real American” officially means rural white Protestant.

          I don’t know that Obama has had it worst of presidents, but basically I agree that this shit is the new medium of exchange and I see no end to it.

          Here endeth the rant.

    2. Lexicographers will remember the Obama presidency for the sheer number of euphemisms it introduced for “Negro”.

    3. Awesome. I wonder how many people of your current 57 +1’s (I refuse to say the L word) actually +1’ed it because they lost their sarcasm-o-meter?

  3. Maybe Victoria Jackson was rehearsing for an SNL skit about Tea-Tards when she had an aneurism or something, and just stayed in that persona. It makes more sense than her being sincere, at this point.

    1. I was going to say that it’d be amazing if this was all just one elaborate long fantastic troll, but I think she’s genuinely mentally damaged.

        1. Because she was never that good. People who try to suggest that she’s pulling off an Andy Kaufmanesque Tony Clifton/”I’m from Hollywood!”-type stunt forget that Kaufman was brilliant at more conventional comedy before he went into more reality-warping directions; I can only think of one time when Jackson tried something similar–during one of her Weekend Update appearances on SNL when she pretended to drop the blonde bimbo shtick and “reveal” herself as a serious, intellectual brunette–but she didn’t have the chops to pull it off.

      1. Yep, I was waiting for the punchline, too, but when it came, it wasn’t the one I was expecting – she’s actually serious!

    2. I really don’t get it hey… It’s a serious pro-tea party promo video that looks and feels like something which is actually completely ridiculing their batshit crazy talking points. Do these jokers understand that viral does not always equal good?

    1.  More like deep cover Democrats amiright? When the line between sincerity and satire gets this blurry it really makes you wonder.

  4. What an excellent parody! When she went off and listed those media demogouges I thought ha funny rip em a new one. In the end I was unsure if it was a parody, it was funny.. but something was up. turns out that Ms Jackson is actually serious. Which is somewhat sad because anyone who is not a tea partier will view her rhetroic as some kind of parody of the kind of crap that these people use to argue.

    1. Yeah, sadly she’s completely serious…or else one of the greatest deadpan parodists/comics to rival Stephen Colbert and Andy Kaufman. Poe’s Law in effect.

      1. I was deep into Poe man’s land until almost half way through the song. It’s just too crazy to be serious.

        1. I don’t know if “Poe man’s land” is your phrase, but it is brilliant and I plan on stealing it for future use.  This video feels like one of those optical illusions that flips from a candle stick to two faces and back again. 

      2. The thing is, all parodies contain a carefully hidden wink to those who get it.  Some little in-joke or turn of phrase that let’s you know it is satire.  Ms. Jackson’s far-right views are well documented, and have been for some time. 

        1.  Yeah, that’s why I later made reference to these when I posted the Wikipedia article link. I don’t actually think she’s a great parodist. Who could rival Andy Kaufman after all?

    2.  That’s the thing:  it works fine if you buy her message, it’s entertaining if you don’t. I have made a lot of fun of Victoria Jackson for how batty she is, but it’s hard to dislike her when she’s both entertaining and damaging to her own side.

      1. I don’t think that she’s really that “damaging to her own side”, though; birthers have built-in plausible deniability. 

    3. As her Wikipedia bio says, she’s completely serious, and this is nothing new. I remember seeing her on Politically Incorrect, before it got yanked off ABC, spouting her conservative born-again Christian political views in that goofy voice of hers.

      I don’t care how nice her uke is, I’m not listening to anything she says (or sings).

  5. The computer I’m watching this on has a configuration wierdness that causes it to display video (never still images) with altered colors. So Victoria appears blue, like a Thern.

    This makes the video especially surreal.
    * * *
    No amount of facts would be sufficient to dislodge the metal-filled-epoxy plug of irrational, contradictory wingnuttery that infests the noodles of the conservative base.

    1. To get the colors right – right click on the youtube window, select settings – and uncheck “enable hardware acceleration”.  Some of the nvidia drivers have issues and the bug reoccurs now and again.

    1.  Not even a tsunami of TV ads?  That’s how he got nominated, but then again, the pool of voters was restricted to mainly people who responded to that sort of thing.  Normal people reach for the clicker because they’re watching the DVR, not live TV.

        1. Think it has something to do with the imperative form? I don’t know Russian but it looks like   танцу́йте would be the word maybe that commands people to dance? I think maybe you translated Dance but it wouldn’t be said that way for the same reason in English one wouldn’t say “Go Art, my friends.”

        2. Torn pretty much nails it.

          There is no distinction in English between the noun and verb forms of “dance,” whereas they are quite distinct in Russian. The translator chose the noun form, whereas you wanted the verb one.
          Танец — noun, singular
          Танцуй — verb, imperative, singular
          Танцуйте — verb, imperative, plural

          (the apostrophe in Torn’s comment is meant to mark the syllable that has the emphasis; it’s not part of the word itself)

          1. Am I remembering my Russian wrong? It is still a Russian sentence. (It is) A dance, comrades, (it is) a dance. Yes?

          2. So, you just need someone to ask, “Yuri Andreyevich, where are you taking Antipova tonight?” for it to make sense.

          3. Or in reply to the question ‘tshto zhizn’, tovarishch?’ (What is life, comrade?), as Uncle Joe clad in a Russian great coat dances a Cossack dance across a map of Europe, spearing countries with daggers like a circus knife thrower, turning each one red as the knife strikes.

  6. When I voted for Obama in 2008, one of the things I hoped was that the right wing would lose their minds and have a solid four-year freakout. It’s satisfying to watch it actually happen.

    I’m hoping the next four years of Obama will see Glenn Beck running naked through the streets with a duck on his head, or something.

    1. you know, that’s what’s going to have to happen if they really want to go beyond the insane conspiracy monsters the right wing has already created.. instead of working with the president to better the country, or at least waiting it out, they’ve blown their wad on the fringe and lost any chance of a reasonable argument in 2016.

      it is satisfying.

    2. “I’m hoping the next four years of Obama will see Glenn Beck running naked through the streets with a duck on his head, or something.” If there is a god…

      1. A myelogram where the injection site doesn’t close causes an incredible  headache as the cerebrospinal fluid leaks out of the lumbar puncture when one raises their head. The treatment for that is a epidural blood patch. 

        1. I worked with someone who had a headache for at least a decade due to a CSF leak.  Nothing worked to fix it.  Her self-control was amazing, but we were all expecting to see blood splatter some day when she just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

      2. My anatomy professor told a story that his anatomy prof told him.  He says that his prof used to teach that his was a largely pain free procedure, as the structures where the puncture occured were not well ennervated.  Then one year he had one done.  From that point on, he would describe it as a potentially exquisitely painful procedure, that should be ordered only if absolutely indicated.

        1. Headaches from hell, but only when I sat or lay. 
          I paced for two days. 
          I’d rather be tortured by the vapid former comedian.

          1.  Wow, funny. (not funny- ha ha).  My headaches happened  when I stood or sat,  only laying supine made them go away.  Weird. 

    1.  I had a myelogram once, thanks a lot for reminding me.  It was normal AFIK. But I did have the worst headache ever for about 3 days.  I don’t usually have headaches, but the possibility that the repubs might win gives me one. 

  7. I wanna laugh, yet … It’s kind of a horrible thing to watch someone go batsh*t crazy before your very eyes.

  8. Man, I wish there was a (new school, non-totalitarian) communist living in the White House. You know, one who actually delivered socialized medicine, wasn’t in favor of corporate welfare, one who wasn’t a neoliberal enforcing US economic dictates at the end of a gun around the globe. That kind of thing.

    1. Really.  (And I say this as a Libertarian…)  My usual response to the Right Wingers ranting about Obama being a Socialist Commie is that I’ve lived in Berkeley, where we had real Socialists, and Obama ain’t one of them.

    1.  And *THAT* is what blows my mind the most about Conservatives.  They’re not compassionate enough to decriminalize medical marijuana for legitimate illnesses, but they’re sensitive enough to the needs of sexual predators to want to decriminalize rape.

      1. You’re thinking about it wrong. It’s not the rapists they feel compassion for, it’s the suffering that gets them off. Dying of disease, raped, hopeless, miserable people are a) easier to take advantage of and b) easier to convert to your religion so you can live like a parasite for longer.

    2. Lol! 
      “If there’s a boy baby inside of me, he has a penis. That’s not my body.
      She is still very funny. 

      Or should I feel bad for laughing at her affliction?

  9. This is the second time in two days I’ve seen her psychotic face. Please don’t give her any publicity so she can go back under her rock.

  10. The more as I watch her, the more I think that she not joking and is mentally ill.  When I work as a nurse aid, we had to deal with people who would talk and reason just like her.

  11. Some one needs to follow this up with a uke song video called “There’s a crazy person living in Victoria Jackson’s head.”

    1.  It’s not about presenting something she believes to be true.  It’s about presenting any lie, no matter how preposterous in the hope that the “some of the people” who “can be fooled all the time” will be fooled to her side long enough to vote that way.

      It is pure, un-redeemable dishonesty on her part. Nothing more nuanced than that.

    1. Every time somebody clicks on this video, the ghost of Ayn Rand strangles a kitten.

      Don’t do it, for the kittens.

  12. I think this just the Wingnut Welfare Gravy Train. When your B-list celebrity career has dwindled, just start babbling right wing talking points, and you’ll pull a steady income. 

    1.  Yes, Fox News is always desperate to find anyone in the entertainment industry that is a right winger. She can probably pay the rent with appearances on Fox and at right-wing gatherings. Maybe she’ll spend the money on some book learnin’.

        1.  I forget who I’m stealing this line from, but I also remember when Dennis Miller was liberal, and funny.

          1.  Of all the things we lost 9-11, the loss of Dennis Miller’s sanity and humanity still sadden me.  He was funny.  He was really good with words and he was funny.  Most young people have never seen THAT Dennis. Seriously. Sad.

          2. I don’t think he was ever “liberal” but there was a time when he was funny.
            Then he went insane or something.  Not sure what happened.  Not as insane as this nut job, but close..

    2. I have another song for her to sing,  “There is an untalented washed-up moron on a ukelele”

  13. Oh good. Thanks to this post I never need to search for “ukelele” on YouTube again.

    Oddly enough I also never needed to before.

  14. …Is Victoria Jackson the longest-running piece of “performance art” in Western arts history ? 

    1. Why yes, now that you mention it…!!! There has been lots of women playing ukulele here on BoingBoing that are big on the Internet! Like Sophie Madeleine… or Zooey Deschanel or Kate Micucci, they are pretty big even outside the Internet.

  15. Knowing that she’s sincere I find that, while I don’t agree, I can sympathize with her – uncertain times and all…  And then I notice, to my endless joy, that I don’t HAVE to listen to her inane blathering!  Just an inch below, you’ll notice a link to Lisa Hannigan’s “Knots”! 

  16. I can’t take any person seriously if the claim that Obama is liberal let alone a socialist or a communist.

    1. What’s shocking is that declared right-wingers actually do believe Obama is a communist, when the reality, as another commenter here states down below, is that he is just another war-mongering industrial/corporate-fascist. If he were a Republican and doing the same things, Jackson and her ilk would be his ardent admirers.

  17. I… I honestly thought that this was a well-executed parody.  I mean, she spends all that time at the start listing those symptoms of paranoid psychosis… then I hit the comments page.

    It is the tea party style, though:  begin by saying you have a nameless, overwhelming fear and dread (which couldn’t possibly be due to having a black president), and then you make up whatever story you like as an excuse to feel that dread (as long as it doesn’t involve the president being black. Because that couldn’t possibly be relevant.)

  18. Odd how the terminally unimaginative are still beating that drum. SNL hasn’t been funny since… ever. And certainly wasn’t funny during Jackson’s tenure.

    Obama has proved quite effectively to be just another war mongering industrial/corporate-fascist.

    The instrument does seem nice but like all instruments, some can make it talk while most just play the same boring chord combinations over and over again.

    Did I miss anything?

    1. Oh no you didn’t just dis on Gilda Radner!

      I am totally calling your ass out behind the back stop after school tomorrow.

      1. Sorry mate but Radner too…

        Whatever skill the original cast had was ruined by American network TV, it’s Canadian producer and that prevailing “if it works – beat it into the ground” philosophy.

        Just like the same chords…

  19. I owned a Martin baritone uke in 1956; previous instrument was a tenor uke.
    I graduated to a Gibson jumbo guitar, put nylon strings on it so I could play Classical and Flamenco – moved up to an L. Parodi, an S. Ibanez (Segovia posed in a photograph with this guitar for a music ad) then eventually to a Barbero then an Esteso.
    What an insult to the world of music for that uke to be used in such an odious piece of political propaganda.

  20. The GOP has become a corporate christian death cult…the rest of the planet is really hoping you guys are going to actually support the infinitely better of the two options : Obama

  21. I really try not to allow myself to get caught up in the all-too-easy smugness of looking into the US political system from the outside.  Things like this make it very, very hard not to slip a little.  What the fuck?

    We have our wingnuts, to be sure, but what the fuck?

    1.  Our Tories are aresholes that have no place in a civilised society, but they don’t appear to be driven by anything other than greed. These batshits believe in the crazy stuff they spout.

      1.  Y’all should move to Ireland, our statesmen are just feckless and corrupt, rather then feckless, corrupt and fundamentally evil.

        which i suppose is still margenally better then feckless, corrupt, fundamentally and batshit nonsencebrain. 

      2. The UK Conservative Party: Putting the N in “cuts”.

        Some of them clearly do believe some of the things they spout (cough, Michael Gove, cough) but there are still some sane ones left.  I think.

    1. If the few rich americans wants to live in luxury amongst millions of homeless, then let them. Spend the taxes on killing people abroad instead of wasting it on useless things as health care. It all sounds so wonderful. Egoism also ends in -ism …

  22. Even having looked up Victoria Jackson I find it hard to believe that this isn’t a spoof. Is it possible that everything she’s done since the late 80’s has been an elaborate performance art piece?

    1. Hence the comparisons to Andy Kauffman, who was so in-character, all the time, we’re still wondering what fraction of his act was satire.

    2.  If it was an elaborate piece of performance art what would it’s purpose be after the last election? If she was spoofing the Tea Baggers she made her point 4 years ago. Now, she only re-enforces their uninformed, ignorant, racism. She’s not funny and never was. A ditzy grown woman talking with a baby’s voice. She only denigrates her own gender. She’s a Republican Missouri senator’s wet dream. The bow on top of her head is oddly the way Communist Russian schoolgirls wore their hair—-when they were 7!  Don’t get me started on grown women who put their hair in a pony tail on top of their head. It’s a personal bias with no basis of substance.

  23. I am around the bend on this, holy canoli. I know we all like to joke about “Oh maybe Ann Coulter or Dana Loesch are these elaborate character constructions, and they’re just staying in character.” 

    But Victoria Jackson is the first I’ve seen that makes me actually for-real think that she has been trolling us for years

    I am legit waiting for a massive reveal on Victoria Jackson at a press conference, where she just drops it like “Oh yeah no that was a joke, what? Are you kidding me? Like I would be all, ‘where’s the birth certificate, you communist‘, for real? 

    “People, I’ve done handstands on the Johnny Carson show. I know what I’m doing; you just got trolled. Obama/Biden 2012” (throws mic to ground, tebows, comedy crown descends from heaven)

    And the thing is, we’ll never know either way

    1. You wish.   Maybe the ghost of Andy Kaufman lives on, but I bet it isn’t
      in this Jackson creature. 

      She thinks she’s doing political satire, to get her retarded message across.

    2. Why stop at Ann Coulter?  You can pick any of the hundred top rabid conservatives and make this claim.  (For me, it’s Andy Schlafy of– guy remakes wikipedia from the POV of a young-earth creationist conservative.)  Point is, they’re not joking, any of them.

      Jackson has for her entire career been stupid and child-like.  It’s not surprising she comes out as a hyper-birther, it’s just surprising that she was even more stupid and child-like than she portrayed herself.  She’s not an act.

  24. I regret that I had the hots for Ms. Jackson in my formative years. Those few seconds were she was topless (or appeared to be) in ‘Baby Boom’, has now been supplanted by this junk. 

    1. Yeah. I do, and frankly it scares the shit out of me sometimes. I don’t understand this insanity. I used to think I had a handle on how things like this could happen. I used to think that I understood, at least in the abstract, how fascism rose to prominence in the 30s or how people get sucked into cults.

      But I watch this lunacy happening in my own backyard, this completely insane rejection of reality, and I don’t get it. I don’t see how this is happening. I know people who I remember being sane and normal members of society 10 or 20 years ago. They were conservative, sure, but they were not lunatics. They weren’t particularly religious. They weren’t screaming about socialism every five minutes. They were just conservative in the sense that they weren’t all fired up about trying something new all the time. You could have a normal conversation with them even if you didn’t agree with them. They were capable of reasoned debate and even concession if the argument was sound enough.

      And today, those same people are complete frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics, constantly spouting off about Islam, socialism and class warfare. They are suddenly, very suddenly, devout church-going intelligent-design-believing nutjobs who sincerely believe the Catholic church has responded appropriately to the pedophile scandals. They have changed, really changed, into different people in the span of the last decade or so. It’s like 9-11 flipped a switch and now the lizard brain has totally taken over every fiber of their being.

      Maybe they finally realized they weren’t invulnerable after all or something, I don’t know. I know fear has something to do with it, but I can’t imagine what they are so afraid of that it would drive them literally batshit fucking loco like this. I don’t get it. I want to understand it though, because this is a human problem, and if we want to have any chance of preventing these whack jobs from getting any more power than they already have we have to find a human solution.

  25. The reason people are shocked is, her entire career was acting clown-like and simple, and the audience “caught on” that this was an act and she was playing a role.  The reason why she played it to perfection, and in every role she ever had, was that it wasn’t an act.  She is clown-like and simple.

    1.  Basically, yeah. Well, there might be some layers to it. As in, the “schtick” she manifested in the 80’s is a comic distillation of what was probably an early life lesson for her, i.e. getting what you want (usually attention) by whining like a dumb baby. To some extent she has survival instincts, and her political expression must be founded on an instinctive implementation of that principle (getting what you want by whining like a dumb baby), so in that sense it may be an act. But it means that her entire personality, not just her recent polemicizing or even her comedy career, is the act. So even if you classify her as a long con like Andy Kaufman or Stephen Colbert, the difference is that they knew they were doing it.

      I realize there are way too many words written about this, but what’re ya gonna do? It’s like staring into a fire, or watching a car wreck.

  26. She is a horrible uke player .. that poor instrument; she grinds it like she is making mashed potatoes … somebody rescue that 4-string.

      1. Haha! Just looked it up. How appropriate…
        “For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
        And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:
        And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
        And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!”

  27. Many conservatives and especially libertarians go completely bonkers as they get older.  FA Hayek won a Nobel Prize for economics, but conservative remember him for his later dabbling in sociology when he became a total crackpot and adoring fan of Pinochet.

    1. What kills me is that the countries they always cite as Communistic either no longer exist, have changed their economy to some form of Capitalistic market driven model, or are really just your plain old Dictatorship.
      The world has moved on and these maroons are still fighting the cold war.

  28. Wow!  The roster of fantastically talented entertainers supporting The Tea Party’s fire-engine red far right just gets shorter all the time!  I’d give anything to see a debate between Victoria Jackson and Matt Damon. Anything.

    1. A private viewing of the event can be arranged, but we’ll require your left kidney, right lung, and reproductive organs as payment. In advance, of course.

      1.  Throw in a viewing of that secret 80-minute Star Wars prequel edit that supposedly doesn’t suck, and you got yourself a deal.

    2. Sorry but no.

      I am against any form of cruelty towards defenceless creatures (unless they can be turned into steak) and that would be torture (she would have to think and that obviously is very hard for her).

    1. Smoldering bankers.  It’s hard to keep them lit once the fat flares up and burns off.  They burn like Christmas trees.  Showy at first, but not good for keeping warm. On the other hand, if we could get enough of them in one pile . . .

    1. Also everyone that went to Sunday school became Christ (or God).

      But that would not be a bad thing: at least Christ was actually a real socialist (divide the bread, ealing the sick, etc) and knew how to party (why else would he ever need to turn water into wine?). 

  29. Wait, she’s being serious?  I thought this was ironic, or something.  Really?  With the crazy bow and the lispy baby-talk?  Wow.  Um, I don’t know, I don’t think he is a communist by any normal definition of the term, really.

  30. To be honest, at this point, I just feel sad for her.  I don’t watch the stuff she does anymore.  It isn’t that I think all conservative people are crazy because I really, truly don’t, but when someone does what she does?  Well, my Mom worked in the mental health field, and I was taught that making fun of someone who has a mental illness is wrong.  And I think she’s not okay.  She reminds me of a lady who stopped to talk to me in a downtown coffee house and sounded normal until the conspiracy theories started coming and then it was really clear why she was homeless, and it was heartbreaking.

  31. She’s a woman who has built her name and career by being funny.  Mayhaps we are taking this too seriously.

  32. Sadly, Victoria Jackson is one of the best justifications for post-birth abortion that I have found.  Someone as mentally deficient as she is need to be put out of society’s suffering a humanly as possible.

  33. Is there a transcription of the lyrics somewhere, for us non-native speakers ? (I found the main song, but not the spoken ramblings in the middle where she complains about obama giving a presentation on Marx when he was in school or something)

  34. I hope she doesn’t turn her attention to Australia any time soon she might discover one of our two major party’s the labour party is in fact a democratic socialist party and that our conservative party is in favour of social health care. 

  35. Living in the UK; I’m always amazed by what’s called “left wing” or “socialist” in the States. The Democrats’ policies are generally more right-wing (for want of a better scale) than anything that our Conservatives can come up with.

    Although the current cabinet might change that with their target to dismantle and privatise the NHS so that we can join the US in a 3rd-world level of healthcare.

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