Chris Ware art show in Chicago and NYC


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Many years ago, before I moved to Oregon, I went to a comic-art exhibit at a museum in San Francisco.

    In a stairwell (as I recall) was a huge blow-up of a panel from Building Stories. It was the first I’d heard of the setting.

    It showed the life of the elderly landlady, from carefree child drawing the displeasure of the then-landlady to a suspicious crone snarling at the antics of her own young residents.

  2. leebenningfield says:

    What books should I get if I want to read Acme Novelty Library? Is it even possible to start from the beginning at this point?

    • Stefan Jones says:

      No need to read from the beginning. You can pick and choose.

       Some of the stories have been collected (e.g., Jimmy Corrigan). Other bits, I’m not sure if they’re worth persuing (the strips about the cat and the mouse head are dreary and weird, to my taste).

      I picked out two volumes you might look for, just to sample Ware’s insane genius.

      The Acme Novelty Library Great Big Book of Jokes, Issue VII (1996) is a wild mix of strips, including Big Tex, Rocket Sam, God, and some Jimmy Corrigan extras.

      Issue 16 has Rocket Sam, Quimby Mouse, Tales of Tomorrow, a Jimmy Corrigan Xmas special, and a number of Rusty Brown strips that essentially cover the poor sap’s life.

      You’ll need a good magnifying glass. Seriously. Even though the books in question are HUGE. Like restaurant menus.

      • Gyrofrog says:

        Some of the cat and mouse head strips (plus the potato man; collected in Acme #3) used to run in ‘The Daily Texan’ when Ware was at UT.  At the time, his strips were are large part of why I got up in the morning (it certainly wasn’t for the farty, crunchy eggs that the cafeteria dished out). However, I’ve heard that he doesn’t like his early material, himself.

  3. Orthodoxcaveman says:

    I hope Piers Morgan plays Jimmy Corrigan in the movie.

  4. Teller says:

    Entre nous: husband’s cheating on her.

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