Crononauta: stylized photos of Brazil's abandoned public clocks


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  1. renke says:

    “a law that forbids this kind of visual pollution”

    a GREAT idea (though this seems very exploitable, so unfortunately a slippery slope)

  2. RobDobbs says:

    I don’t understand. 

  3. Cory Trevor says:

    “a law that forbids this kind of visual pollution”


    • dragonfrog says:

      I was in Sao Paulo early this year.  It really is cool to be in a huge city, and be able to see the city, not a huge mess of billboards that block your view everywhere.  I wish my city would do something similar.

  4. timquinn says:

    The blank sign has very rich ambiguity, and the shattering of space is beautiful and frightening.

  5. Ladyfingers says:

    Man, I wish they’d ban ads here in Sydney. Nothing like massive yellow and red billboards about sex clinics everywhere to improve a city’s appearance.

  6. bolamig says:

    Hawaii also prohibits billboards.  One wonders whether it would be so scenic otherwise.

  7. McGreens says:

    I’m loving the George Braque-esque feel to these photos but can’t get past “it isn’t allowed anymore to post ads in public spaces”. Sounds heavenly but how did Big Corps® ever allow the government to do that? 

    • mnegrini says:

      It wasn’t that difficult, because everyone thought so impossible such law to be passed that everyone was caught off-guard. And the population response was so positive that no one has the balls to go against it. Actually the law was a general ban on large-format signage, With the Times Square style electronic billboards (which we kind of liked) also were prohibited ugly storefront signage that hid early 20th Century buildings in downtown. Whole neighborhoods were renovated just by that. 

    • Diego Kuffer says:

      I like the George Braque comparison. Cheers!

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