Demonic sigils in handy form

Here's all the demonic summoning symbols you're likely to use on a daily basis, in handy flashcard form. All you need to do is print it up and stick it over your monitor, so it's handy when you need it.

A List of Several Demons and Their Sigils of Summoning


  1. Is it safe to have these inscribed in my monitor’s pixels, let alone print it out?  I have enough troubles with daemons on my computers as it is!

    I would think this would be NSFW, if only for the security concerns of bringing demonic influences into the controlled network…

    1. Fortunately we don’t use vector displays; little known fact but these sigils were the real cause of images “burning in” to phosphors. CRT monitors work using micro-sigils, which only burn in slightly as their summoning ability is very minimal. However, they still accumulate malign daedric energy and so “screen savers” were invented, literally to “save” the screen from hellish entities–this is in fact why an early example had angelic flying toasters: each toaster was individually blessed by a purification algorithm written by a practitioner of Light Programming.

  2. “Amnixiel, Demon of the Lines” sounds most appropriate for coding, given the lack of “Hell’s Electorate Parenthetical”.

    Notice how “Surgat, Who Opens All Locks” looks oddly like a pound sign?

  3. Demon symbols apparently look like circuit diagrams.

    I find it interesting that all demons use a fairly similar style.  You would think they would each want to do their own thing, maybe add some shading or some feathering here or there.  Maybe some dotted or dashed lines.  I guess whomever came up with these way back when wasn’t as creative as he thought he was. 

    Also, Amnixiel looks like a butt. 

    1. I’d guess they’re optimised for engraving in your altar. Or carving into the flesh of your sacrifices or whatever.

      1. I was wondering about that.  Some of them are obviously derived from The Goetia (those tend to be the ones that look like circuit diagrams, coincidentally), but others are clearly modern and for entities that weren’t ever part of traditional demonologies.

      2. I thought so because many of the names are angel names (usually suffixed with “EL” though there are many fallen angels too) and the sigils are too neat for demons.

      1. This, a couple triangles, a french curve, a circuit template (you’ve got the flow chart template shown) and a Leroy.

        Never underestimate a bored drafter.

    2. Since “demon” means “wise,” they have agreed on a rational specification for how their symbols should be drawn. But since it’s Hell, the official file format may only be viewed in Internet Explorer.

      1.  Demon means “thing of a divine nature, possibly coming from daiesthai :to divide, but usually just a spirit.

    3.  That’s because Angels and Demons are celestial robots, King Solomom had their sigils programmed into his micro-proto-computer ring so he could rebuild the Temple.

  4. CS Lewis gets it right:
    “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight”.

    1.  Abbadon (Destruction) is the Angel of the Abyss. There is no demon called Abyss (Sheol) in the Abrahamic traditions.

  5. These symbols are printed on the circuit boards of voting machines. If you vote for Obama, you’re summoning a  demon who will make congress increase government spending, make your kids gay, give away free abortion coupons and teach evolution in the local public school.

    Note: Above is satire, but is as equally well sourced as many other wingnut attack lines, and is therefore true!

  6. For my money Dr Seuss’s alphabet shows more compact artistry:!
    just look at “Thnad”, just look at it.

    (hmm.. in meta-sigils-land i didn’t know one could have an exclamation point in an URL)

  7. Nice to see that among all the chaos and despair, the demons took time to set up an organized society. I guess things would be a real drag without Apadiel keepin’ it funky down there.

    I’m confused about Tephros though. “Fever Curer” doesn’t really seem like a demonic occupation. Maybe he/she/? only cure’s demons’ fevers? Do demons get sick?

    1. Considering he’s also the ashmaker, maybe he’s more about burning the plague-ridden? Cures the Hell out of (into?) fever. Considering they also have an “electorate  physician”, it seems more likely.

      On that note, wonder what it’s like to be Hell’s physician? Lots of work, or very little?

  8. Can’t help but think daemons, especially the “open source-y” names… oh crap, did we upgrade from Befafes to Babalel?  Is that v2.61 or v2.01?  Crap, what the heck is befafes taking up 60% of my middle-east CPU… erg.  Wonder if I can banish Befafes without causing some other kind of crash…  damn, is it 3am?  let’s see:

    > sudo banish Befafes -p TetraGrammatron
    Remove LARP wargaming, which depends on Befafes?  N
    > sudo diminish Befafes
    Reducing Befafes priority
    > sudo conjour Ambriel -p
    > sudo service Ambriel start; Ambriel transmorgify Befafes to Babalel
    Working ….. Done.

    1. “O beautiful bridge over the silvery river Tay,
      Which has caused the Emperor of Brazil to leave his home so far away,
      Incognito in his dress,
      And he will pass this way on his journey to Inverness.

       – The demon Macgonagel

  9. More at the source shows one that looks like the burning man effigy as the sigil to summon “an unholy power” haha!

  10. Okay, none of these correspond to Zeppelin’s “IV” (or “Zoso”).
    Guess it’s cool to summon my “Black Dog” MP3 right now, then.

  11. It looks like these are from the Simon Necronomicon, at least from the names. A nice mish-mash of goetica, hermetica, lovecraftian names, and a few token and horribly mangled sumerian/akkadian/babylonian names.

  12. This looks like it was originally printed using a plotter, meaning that someone was working on automated demon summoning. Just scale up the plotting coordinates and replace the ink with goat’s blood and you have a computer-controlled demon summoner–and since computers can summon at a much faster than human rate you can dynamically optimize your demon usage depending on your operational needs.

  13. So were these used by hobos to indicate which demons had been invoked by the residents of a house? “Good pie / You can sleep in barn / sacrifices children to Astaroth.”

  14. I find it interesting that the sigil for Aciel looks extremely similar to the alchemical symbol for “compose”, but the sigil for  Anael looks nothing like the symbol for “anneal”.

    Just a bit of random occult observation.

  15. I’m having trouble taking Bornogo seriously, when his sigil so closely resembles a blissfully slumbering Trix Rabbit.

  16. Seems like it would be incredibly dangerous to just print this. That or a great way to make sure your party is well-attended…

  17. I see there’s “The Quick One”  but I’m still trying to find sigils for “The Cute One” and “The Funny One.”

  18. Isn’t Blisdon that station on the Central Line where half the trains used to stop and turn round, making you wait overground in the cold, after you thought you’d got on one that was going all the way to Ongar?

  19. Whatever you do, don’t print these on an HP printer.

    Who could have guessed that Carly Fiorina’s decision to fill inkjet cartridges with the blood of the innocent would have unintended consequences?

  20. I think these are obsolete, rather like rotary telephones.  You can’t call individual demons anymore.  The system wasn’t working.  Everyone called the wish-granting guy, and the sorrow demon just sat around headquarters playing Mine Sweeper over and over and over (always picking the wrong square at the very last minute, of course).    Hell switched to a call-center format.  Now you just put in a general call, you get put on hold and are forced to listen to a hideous versions of  songs you never much liked anyway, and then whatever demon is available will be there to assist you.

    Assist you . . . bwahahahaha!

  21. I had to get my Lemegeton Goetia off the shelf and check all of these, out of curiosity, to see how this list compares. (Because I’m compulsive.  Shut up.)  There’s surprisingly little overlap. 

    Most of the demon names don’t appear in the Goetia.  Those which do are as follows:

    Furtur in this list is probably supposed to be the Earl Furfur, who can summon storms; this sigil is similar but much simplified compared to the Goetia.  Forcas should be the President Foras who can teach the Virtues of all Herbs and Precious Stones and also teaches Logic and Ethics (funny, I don’t remember hearing about him in Civics class); not much resemblance between the sigils.  Ipos, Earl and Prince, is in both, with a sigil that looks almost exactly like his sigil from the Goetia, but slightly simplified; ditto for Marchosias and  Malphas. Naberius and Orias are in both lists, but with no visible similarity between their designs. The King Paimon is in both lists; his sigil here looks somewhat like the one from the Goetia, but partly simplified and partly altered.  The sigil for Ronove, the infernal IT department, is very close to an exact match. Raum/Rauym – no real resemblance.  Sabnock (Sabnac), Sallos (Saleos), and Sitri (Sytri) have matching sigils but might be unhappy to have their names misspelled or mispronounced.  Valac is a good match. Vepar’s sigil is again much simplified. Zepar mostly matches up.

    I’m no longer sure what the original point of this post was, but will post it in case anybody else was idly curious.  By the way, there is a demon Zagan according to the Goetia.  It doesn’t say whether he promotes atheism and secularism, but he maketh Men Witty, and he can even make Fools Wise.  Good for him.

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