Fun commercial for Sugru repair putty

[Video Link] This is a cute commercial for Sugru, the delightful moldable repair compound that I use to fix suitcase zippers, dishwasher rollers, headphone strain reliefs, and many other things around the house that break.


    1. These kind of doohickeys:

    1. as the old saying goes:
      build your wife a robot, and she’ll only have one robot.teach your wife to build robots and she’ll achieve world robot domination!!! :)

  1. Polymorph plastic is much better, I don’t think it has an expiry date… All you need is a kettle of hot water to reform it, plus it is endlessly reusable, durable,  can also be colored using food colorings if you fancy it, I think it is also biodegradable.

    Mind I add, mixing silicone with acrylic paint kind of works the same way as Sugru, it shortens cure time and the end result is also flexible.

    1. I used Sugru to fix the toaster oven at work last year when the handle broke off the glass door. We use it frequently, and unlike Polymorph plastic, it’s good for temperatures up to 350°F.

  2. I’m sure Sugru is great stuff when you get it fresh, but I had an unopened package (with all of the little internal packages unopened as well) for only four months, and by the time I got around to trying it, the putty was too thick and dry to use.

  3. I think Sugru is lovely for those who want something premixed, and jars of polymorph plastic are lovely for those with a bit more DIY thing going on. There’s plenty of room in the maker community for both products, imo.

    Just like in my kitchen there’s room for both my CO2 carbonator as well as plenty of yeast to make CO2 the other way.

  4. That is an awesome commercial, and yet it doesn’t actually show any applications for which Sugru is actually very well suited for.

    I like Sugru. The air curing material is is rubbery, so it is great for repairing stuff like cable strain relief and other things that really need a moldable rubbery substance. The stuff the video is generally hard plastic which would be suitable for repair with epoxy or epoxy putty–which costs less and doesn’t have the short expiration date that Sugru does.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering about that. A big blob of putty on what I assume is a crack on hard plastic. Um… perhaps it will hold, but it sure looked ugly. Or a huge blob in the wrong color to put the bumper back on the toy car… or perhaps I would have used glue instead?

      Cute video, but it really didn’t tickle my “must buy!” (well… other than for the robot).

    2. I agree.  Cute commercial, but doesn’t really highlight the product well.  Which is a shame, because it’s a great product.

      Maybe a frenetic 200-stills-in-60-seconds of (a subset of) the different fixes one can achieve with Sugru, instead?

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