The cast of Mad Men "sing" Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"

I post this not just because it's the cast of AMC's Mad Men performing Rick Astley's famous Rick-rolling anthem one word at a time, but also because of the sheer man hours spent looking for each word in the lyrics being said at any point during the show's first four seasons -- which, if every episode is about 42 minutes, amounts to about 36 and a half hours of Mad Men -- and then editing them all together, to music, in order to create the appearance of an assembled song. Please, bask in appreciation of YouTube user Buchan39's efforts. Quick update 9/5: Wasn't sure yesterday if the video was created for or by standup comedian Richard Sandling -- it was, indeed, created by the comedian himself. (Thanks, Pete!)


  1. I’m sure the people who do these videos have the scripts and sit and ctrl f for the word they’re looking for, rather than watching hours and hours of footage. Doesn’t make it any less cool, just using common sense.

    1. As someone who makes these kinds of supercuts, this is exactly what we do. One would go mad trying to compile something like this without a script/subtitle file to search through.

  2. I’m sure this person used the subtitles to find the words as opposed to sitting through every episode. That said, this is awesome.

  3. Very impressive–and it’s hard work no matter how you do this! However, I’ll bet they used a phonetic search tool like Boris Soundbite. You load however many hours of footage you have into a project file and Soundbite (and similar tools) will index it all. Not by words, but by sounds. Very, very cool software. I would guess (without having any inside information) that The Daily Show and Colbert Report staff must use phonetic searching to make those amazing cuts of many, many TV news personalities and politicians repeating the same talking points over and over.

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