Taschen announces $1000 Robert Crumb sketchbook set


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  1. Bender says:

    Great purchase… for a sucker.

  2. semiotix says:

    Look, if you can afford it, and if you can get $1,000 worth of joy and satisfaction out of owning this, go for it.

    Of course, there are no words for the depth and richness of the contempt that the almighty Crumb himself would have for anyone who would pay that kind of price for something like this. So you might want to factor that in. Seriously, I’d be worried that he’d get my address from the order, and stand outside my house, sketching furiously and moaning with disgust.

    • Mitchell Glaser says:

      If I remember correctly from the movie “Crumb”, he traded three of his notebooks for an estate in the south of France. So maybe he wouldn’t have that much contempt considering the value he got for them himself.

  3. What would Harvey Pekar say?  Didn’t he meet Robert Crumb over their love of collecting old phonograph records?  The lesson seems to be that the rewarding experience (in no small part) can be found at garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, etc.  

    It is great to know this is out there, but I’m inclined to put this on my “purchase later when someone else sells it off w/o knowing the intrinsic value” list. 

  4. D3 says:

    Man I want this so much. I wish I could remember who has my R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book.

  5. swordmage says:

    Honestly, Taschen is worth every penny. 

    That said, wait a few months and they’ll likely release a copy on a slightly lesser-quality paper (which means quite good instead of damned good).

  6. Dan Mozgai says:

    About 1/2 of my Taschen books came from the “bargain books” pile near the Barnes & Noble checkout line. Give it a year, and I’m sure they’ll be priced $39.00, lying next to a book about wizards and “Great Italian Recipes by Joe Pesci”. 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      After perusing eBay, it appears that Taschen’s The Big Penis Book is holding value and The Art of Tom of Finland has increased in value, so maybe you’re just looking at the wrong titles.

  7. RobDobbs says:

    So, 1000$ is for only half the set as well. 

    The good news is that link on Amazon shows it for $810. The price is dropping already.

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