A long stripper pole

Diplo - Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Illustrator Bob Staake says: "Thought you might enjoy taking at look at my son Ryan's new video for Diplo. Nice to see that all that RISD tuition I paid is helping to fund infinite stripper poles in space!"


  1. What a nonsensical video, balloons, strippers on dancing pole, in space with backing vocals by Alvin of The Chipmunks? WTF?!

      1. I didn’t like it, it would have been 5 stars if it had included corgies, evian dancing babies with double rainbows.

         My critique adds to diplo’s  rather tired whirl of  same old rhythms, major lazer was good… he is beginning to sound like those LMFAO tracks.    

        1. But . . . but . .. But I like LMFAO!

          -abs probably shouldn’t, but his taste in music is notoriously awful amongst his friends and, frankly my dear, LMFAO makes songs that are awesome to drum to

      1. In case anyone doesn’t know this already, you can make a .gif your desktop background and it will animate!

        Whether you will get any work done with your infinite stripper pole in the background is another matter.

  2. I ❤ the endless pole but it feels like the edit ran out of juice. So much more could have been squeezed out of this footage. The video is sleepy but not quite sleepy enough to be dreamy. It is interesting but not enough to sustain interest past the 1 minute mark.

    All and all, a solid contender but the White Stripes still own the coveted best stripper video crown. Hands down.

  3. long stripper pole in space you say?  what about long stripper pole into space? perhaps this is what would happen if you anchor one end of a space elevator to porn valley.

  4. This is pole dancing, as opposed to stripping. It’s an art and a sport, which requires great strength, skill and grace. They work on the pole in limited costumes, because the bare skin is important for friction. This is hard, folks, as well as beautiful to watch. Give these women some respect, please.

    1.  Are you implying that more respect is due to professional pole dancers than to professional strippers? Strippers have to work just as hard to learn these moves and frankly they invented most of them. Pole dancing is an amalgamation of a lot of different gymnastic and dance disciplines but the modern practice is still rooted in erotic performance. Not all professional pole dancers may have worked as strippers, but they’re borrowing heavily from them.
      If you watch the “pole aerobics” competitions they’re empty of any eroticism and are typically boring as hell to anyone who pole dances.

      1. I’m going to try to engage from my standpoint as a student pole dancer who has never stripped (and, being in my thirties, I’m way too old to start now anyway regardless of fitness). When I see pole fitness competitions (I’m thinking of Pole Art and the like), and even looking at the instructors at my studio perform there are awesome combos and technically very difficult strength moves involved in every routine. It awes me.

        I’ve gone to the local strip club in my city and while one or two of the dancers did some neat tricks in between and before stripping off, the majority didn’t do anything more difficult than a helicopter or basic inversion. And really, that’s not what gets guys to through twoonies or loonies into their rolled up poster after the dance, nor is what encourages them to drop a wad of cash on a lapdance afterwards. (I’m saying that strippers in a local club is fair comparison to Pole Art, but local strippers vs. local pole dance instructors is a fair comparison.)

        This video was a little boring (the endless pole gimmick pretty much erases any need of choreography because the camera just moves up when the trick is finished) but to say that pole fitness is “boring” just because it takes the dance out of a purely erotic mode is not true at all. It broadens it beyond that, tying together many elements of other dance and gymnastics. I highly doubt that anyone who watches Natasha Wang’s Pole Art performance would call it either “boring” or “empty of eroticism”, but it is technically amazing and artistically a lot more interesting than the cliched strip club routine.

  5. I heard scientists are testing aspects of the Infinite Stripper Pole theory at the Large Hardon collider.

  6. This looks like a school assignment on using travelling chroma and luminance mattes.  From that point of view it’s well done. 

  7. Curiosity videos have hit it big on the internets, but NASA seems to have gone a bit overboard with this new space elevator plug.

  8. Ugh. It’s got production value, except for the part where the plane flies in (I don’t know why it’s there?) but I seriously just watched part of a misogynistic idiot’s student film. It’s like a beer-swilling asshole had a camera and got some strippers together and dicked around in After Effects one weekend. 

    1. Really? 
      Although beer swilling might be a safe bet, I don’t sense hatred nor dislike for women in the maker of the video. 
      I thought it was beautiful. 
      I thought the women were beautiful. 
      I felt the video was not foremost erotic but very much aesthetically pleasing. 
      Had those been lightly attired, toned and athletic men, I would have still seen the otherworldly beauty in their slow spiralling descent, although I am very much partial to the female form. 

      … had a camera and got some strippers together … sounds misogynistic and devaluating to me. 
      Also, you might just be naive but you have no idea how difficult it is to get “some strippers together”, or else more students would quit just fantasizing about that.  

      If you had looked past the ladies and paid any attention at all, you might have noticed the soap bubbles, the balloons, the birds, the thunderstorm and the satellite, putting the plane into context and altitude. 
      Since you didn’t pay attention, why did you bother to comment?

    2. It wasn’t erotic.  Sexy, yes, but not erotic.  There is a difference, you know.  Not that erotic is bad, either.

      I thought it was great. *shrug*

  9. Bob Staake,   your wonderful books inspire my son (Donut Chef being a current favorite in reading rotation,  along with Look a Book, and ReD Lemon)    So it is fitting,  your books inspire my son,  and your son inspires me!  :P     if he is spending time with these young ladies?  directing them?   I say?   WIN!   you sent this to BB for bragging rights!!!   :P :P :P

    1.  I think there may have been a double meaning in a few of the things she said… or am I just being lewd?

  10. Somehow I thought a space elevator would look different. But alright, I don’t have objections against this design. Can we make stripper poles out of carbon nanofibres? Also, using strippers as crawlers, how’re we gonna solve the insufficiency of carbon oxydation as a fuel source to power the crawler up the pole for 30’000km?

    1. Regardless of the difficulties involved, I think it’s obvious that this is the design we’ll have to use for the space elevator. To be fair, we should alternate male and female strippers, of course, but the essential idea is good science.

  11. LOL the comments here from guys who act like they’ve never seen a woman in their lives makes me think some of them are the same desperate dudes from STEM fields who come into my work and get fleeced of all their weekly pay in half an hour.  :p 

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