Army Day!


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  1. Brainspore says:

    The Village People led me to believe that the Navy was the place to go for that kind of thing.

  2. EH says:


  3. soylent_plaid says:

    So let me get this straight: “crocodile” was 40s slang for penis?

  4. I would like to join the army now please thank you.

  5. Chentzilla says:

    Do I really read Boing Boing for six years now?

  6. Sirkowski says:

    See, the mistake is to try to eliminate objectification when in reality it needs to be equal opportunity.

  7. Holy cow.  It’s like the volley ball scene in Top Gun times a thousand.

  8. blueelm says:

    I particularly like the nice touch in the right with the one  guy playfully spitting water on another guy. 

  9. Preston Sturges says:

    Right! Camp it up!

  10. Edoardo Paolo says:

    At the time, no one – and I mean no one – would have looked at this ad as anything but innocent fun.  We’ve slid waaaay down a slippery slope and there is no going back.  For better and for worse.

  11. mesocosm says:

    And bears. 

  12. Bashtarle says:

    I’d be more worried about waterborne parasites.

  13. buddy66 says:

     There’s the old Gray Eagle himself, Walt Whitman, peering from the undergrowth.

  14. RedShirt77 says:

    The gesture the soldier in the foreground is giving with his fist is also something that translates differently in modern culture.   Not a welcome sight in most group bath situations.

    I imagine some ad company thought this was a way to appeal to women to buy their towels or whatever.

  15. Chuck says:

    All of those soldiers, except for one, will dress in mandrill costumes and “attack.”  And maybe one of them will dress in drag and “try to run away.”  It’s all purely innocent — they’re all members of a men’s magazine front cover reenactment club.

  16. RJ says:

    Whoa. Hold on. Look again at the picture. Right in the center of the image, you can see a shirtless man with a helmet on his head. WHAT IS THAT THING BEHIND HIM?

  17. Preston Sturges says:

    Here’s a real life version of that picture.  They seem to have pretty average upper bodies but their lower bodies look like they have been hauling 80 lb packs back and forth across Borneo for 6 months.

  18. strangefriend says:

    There are saltwater crocodiles in Guadalcanal & east of Japan.

  19. anaglyph says:

    What strangefriend said.

  20. Donald Petersen says:

    I note with surprise the absence of tan lines in this Man’s Army.  Bathtime must have been a regular and leisurely event during this particular engagement.

  21. pjcamp says:

    You know, if it weren’t for the helmet, that would be totally homoerotic.

  22. legotech says:

    This cracks me up…my parents used to sell original old advertising and we used to get like $20 for these. There were four…one for each of the services.  We used to have several issues of several different magazines that we hunted for and the ones with these ads in em were on that list. 

  23. chris jimson says:

    “Hey guy. . . nice helmet!”

  24. jasonfist says:

    I believe this is the third time this image had been posted on BoingBoing!

  25. I just wonder whether Sal Romano did the art for this one.

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