Army Day!

Army day
Keep an eye out for crocodiles -- the islands of the South Pacific are teeming with them.


    1.  Historically, the armed services and the priesthood were the two professions that a homosexual could thrive in without having his marriage status questioned.

  1. I particularly like the nice touch in the right with the one  guy playfully spitting water on another guy. 

  2. At the time, no one – and I mean no one – would have looked at this ad as anything but innocent fun.  We’ve slid waaaay down a slippery slope and there is no going back.  For better and for worse.

    1. The woman in the lower right part of the ad sure seems to be enjoying the mental image of those slippery, sloping soldiers as she towels off her naked body.

      1. Can’t help but hear songs in my head from ‘South Pacific’.  The guys are singing ‘There Is Nothing Like a Dame’, and Mitzi there has just finished ‘washing that man right out of her hair’.  (Yes, I know those were seabees in the movie.)

          1. I guess that they had to make Ken Clark wear the shirt so that everyone would know that he was Stew Pot, but I don’t get why they seem to have body-shaved him for the role.

    2. Maybe no-one would have *admitted* that they looked on it as anything but innocent fun.

      Now it’s coming round full circle: wild homoerotic water-parties in army drag really are innocent fun after all. Not my cup of tea really, but for those who enjoy that sort of thing, I say go enjoy yourselves, lads.

      1.  In William Manchester’s memoir “Goodby Darkness” he tells about a guy in the army (WWII) who was brazenly open about being homosexual. But the guy looked so much like everyone’s image of ‘macho man’ that nothing came of it. He eventually took up with a young soldier who actually looked obviously queer. Guess which one the army gave a dishonorable discharge to….

  3. The gesture the soldier in the foreground is giving with his fist is also something that translates differently in modern culture.   Not a welcome sight in most group bath situations.

    I imagine some ad company thought this was a way to appeal to women to buy their towels or whatever.

  4. All of those soldiers, except for one, will dress in mandrill costumes and “attack.”  And maybe one of them will dress in drag and “try to run away.”  It’s all purely innocent — they’re all members of a men’s magazine front cover reenactment club.

  5. Whoa. Hold on. Look again at the picture. Right in the center of the image, you can see a shirtless man with a helmet on his head. WHAT IS THAT THING BEHIND HIM?

  6. I note with surprise the absence of tan lines in this Man’s Army.  Bathtime must have been a regular and leisurely event during this particular engagement.

  7. This cracks me up…my parents used to sell original old advertising and we used to get like $20 for these. There were four…one for each of the services.  We used to have several issues of several different magazines that we hunted for and the ones with these ads in em were on that list. 

    1.  Well, it’s run by nerds with ADD and a penchant for new screwdrivers and The Shiny (you know, Our Tribe), so they’re easily distracted…

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