Michael Jai White gets his own action franchise


4 Responses to “Michael Jai White gets his own action franchise”

  1. akbar56 says:

    Also, the Black Dynamite cartoon is an amazing experience as well.

  2. Wasn’t Wesley Snipes in Blade the first African American movie comic super hero? (not to be confused with the 30 rock character)

    (edit) correction: that was 98, nevermind.

  3. Ramone says:

    But what will Marvel say once they get wind of another “Falcon” in the works?

  4. noah django says:

    It’s difficult to think of a movie I’ve laughed at harder since I saw Black Dynamite last year on netflix.  I don’t think it’s happened.

    also recomended:  Dolomite in The Human Tornado.

    MJW came into my restaurant last spring.  He was nice to my friend that wanted a picture (who was flipping out and begged me to borrow my camera)

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