Michael Jai White gets his own action franchise

Have you ever seen Black Dynamite? Even if you haven't, just trust me on this. (And also see Black Dynamite.) While that movie was a spoof of blaxploitation films, its star, Michael Jai White, legitimately rocked it (and wrote it). Before that, the career martial artist (he holds eight black belts) starred in a variety of films that let him show off his skills, including 1997's Spawn, which made him the first African American comic book movie superhero, and Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal, plus the title role in HBO's Tyson and mobster Gambol in The Dark Knight. Now, finally, White will take the lead in his own action franchise, Codename: Falcon, about a former Marine who gets into some scuffles in Brazil while avenging his sister's death. The first of the series, Favela, is set to start shooting with director Isaac Florentine later this year, which is right around half past "about freaking time" for Michael Jai White to get his own action series. (via Action Flick Chick)