Cheetah cub and puppy are BFFs!


My friend Michelle Curley runs online media for the Cincinnati Zoo. This is what she saw when she arrived at work today. "Best morning of my Zoo career!" she said. Photo from Michelle's @CincinnatiZoo Twitter feed. More photos at her Google+ page!


    1. I was thinking the same thing.  Can we get a promise the followup video will be on BoingBoing?  With a caption like “No Longer BFFs”?

      1. It’ll go something like this.
        Cheetah: “RAWWWWWr.  WReeeearrrrrh!  REEEEAWWWRGH!!!!!”
        Dog: “Shut the fuck up, bitch!”
        Cheetah: “REarrrrrrrrgh!!!!!”
        Dog: “I’m outta here. Bye.”

  1. The Cincinnati Zoo pairs up dogs & cheetahs at an early age, because they’ve found that besides being BFFs 4 life,  cheetahs are hard to train but very good mimics. So instead of training a cheetah, they train a dog, and the cheetah picks the training up from the dog. I’ve seen the ‘dog and cheetah’ shows they do there, and it’s fascinating to watch.

    1. That must have been how the ancient Egyptians domesticated cheetahs.

      I thought I overheard them say that dog wouldn’t get much bigger. I agree that the advantage will go to the cheetah in two weeks.

      1. Cheetahs haven’t been domesticated, though. They are just easier to tame and train than other big cats.

  2. Pretty much any cat pound for pound is more dangerous than its canine equivalent.. mostly because of claws.

    1. Maybe a bit, but cheetahs, unlike other cats, do not have retractable claws. They are more like dog claws and meant for traction rather than capturing prey or climbing.

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