Shepard Fairey x Neil Young 'Americana' Box Set

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Released today is the Shepard Faire/Neil Young sumptuous "Americana" box set. An edition of 200, it includes 12 signed and numbered prints, song lyric sheet, and a CD of the new Neil Young and Crazy Horse album. (Seems like vinyl would have been an appropriate choice here, but alas.) The box is $850 from Obey and will be available at an unannounced time today. Juxtapoz has a lovely collection of images from the set. "Shepard Fairey x Neil Young 'Americana' Box Set"


  1. The collaboration between Neil Young and Shepard Fairey is absolutely fantastic.   I hope that teachers utilize the art, music and history in the classroom.  Absolutely Gorgeous and most important work that should be appreciated by all will go down as some of the greatest art produced in the early 21st century. “Where America buys Dickie Work Clothing since 1953  

  2. It looks very nice…but the only problem is, Neil Young is as American as William Shatner, or Jim Carey, or Leonard Cohen…that is, he’s Canadian. Putting his name on “Americana” is a great joke on our southern cousins!

      1.  Canada is not part of America…Mexico, Canada and the United States of America occupy the continental landmass known as North America….North America is *not* America, nor is it a political entity. You *could* say that they are North Americans, but the are *not* Americans.

  3. If this is the stuff I heard a few weeks ago in an interview on Fresh Air then this is absolutely horrible.

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