Shepard Fairey x Neil Young 'Americana' Box Set


13 Responses to “Shepard Fairey x Neil Young 'Americana' Box Set”

  1. glaborous_immolate says:

    Well I hope the money from this will help him defend himself from going to jail.

  2. capawesome says:

    Has anyone found the original art/photo Fairey lifted these from yet?

  3. PaulLFormal says:

    The collaboration between Neil Young and Shepard Fairey is absolutely fantastic.   I hope that teachers utilize the art, music and history in the classroom.  Absolutely Gorgeous and most important work that should be appreciated by all will go down as some of the greatest art produced in the early 21st century. “Where America buys Dickie Work Clothing since 1953  

  4. connie1946 says:

    Neil Young = GREAT

    Neil Young + Shepard Fairey = not so great

  5. It looks very nice…but the only problem is, Neil Young is as American as William Shatner, or Jim Carey, or Leonard Cohen…that is, he’s Canadian. Putting his name on “Americana” is a great joke on our southern cousins!

  6. soapdish says:

    If this is the stuff I heard a few weeks ago in an interview on Fresh Air then this is absolutely horrible.

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