US Rep. Jared Polis's DNC speech

[Video Link] Here's Boing Boing T-shirt owner Rep. Jared Polis giving a great speech at the Democratic National Convention about respecting diversity.

See also: Happy Mutant Congressman has at least two Boing Boing T-shirts in his wardrobe, Top US drug cop can't tell the difference between marijuana and heroin, "The Internet is For Porn" entered into official SOPA debate record


  1. Props for the shout-out to non-believers.

    / But me, I’m an earthling first.  Then Acadian, then I’m…

    // I’m curious, is the legal requirement to say “God Bless America!” a federal law or is it a state-by-state thing?

    1. “Flying Spaghetti Monster bless America” would have put me two words over the strict word limit, otherwise…

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