Glenn Greenwald replies to CNN's attempt to discredit story about compromised Bahrain coverage


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  1. Obvious that the media does what it wants and still doesn’t care if they are ‘outed’ as a propaganda machine.

    Every single time they are caught in a lie, a few more people see the truth. Good work Cory and Glenn.

  2. bumfug says:

    ” I certainly hope that CNN’s own investigative journalists…”
    Haha! He used “CNN” in the same sentence with “journalists”!

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    We got a comment on the previous article from a guy whose Twitter profile freely admits that he received an award from the Bahraini government’s information office.  Not to mention a comment from a CNN employee who didn’t identify himself as such until I requested it.  Synchronized damage control.

    • xiagang says:

      Yes, indeed. To paraphrase the final sentence of CNN’s “response” to Greenwald,  identifying yourself upfront as a PR flack for the organisation you’re supporting in online forums is PR-flackery 101. Oh, right; it’s not. Sneaking around pretending to be a happy mutant when in fact you work for CNN is the correct PR flack approach… These guys never fail to dig the hole just a little bit deeper. 

      Greenwald, btw, appears to have it all over CNN on this one. His response is devastating. CNN look like the outfit people have always thought they are. 

      Tip for Mr Greenwald: dig a little bit into CNN and its reporting of China… 

  4. Guido says:

    So, where are all those people OUTRAGED!!!!1 to have  A MOOSLIM in the Withe House, those who live in perennial fear of CREEPING SHARIAH!!!!!1 ? 

    Where are those men and women, the real Americans, who are the salt of the Earth? Where are their self righteous rants?

  5. “I certainly hope that CNN’s own investigative journalists…” 

    They still have those?

  6. Marko Raos says:

     “Corporate News Network”
    Whoever watches that s*** anymore?

  7. Cowicide says:

    I witnessed CNN do this kind of propaganda bullshit back in the 90′s firsthand when I lived in D.C.

    They set up government employees who were issued little American flags to greet Bush (senior) when he arrived to the White House via helicopter during Desert Storm.

    My friend with the Dept. of Interior was told by a superior to show up with the crowd of other government employees to wave his little flag.

    We watched TV together later that night when CNN “reported” them as a group of “well wishers” who “spontaneously” arrived to greet and cheer Herbert Bush which was a complete lie. My friend got some camera time and just had a comical, confused look on his face.

    Sorry to see CNN hasn’t changed after all these years and is just like the rest of the corporatist media that reports “what we should think” instead of simply reporting the truth.

    [cow waves to cnn lurkers]

    hi thar, liars!

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