Let's help a new roller derby documentary about lesbian, bisexual, and transgender skaters body slam its goal!

In a related followup to my interview with the filmmakers of the men's roller derby documentary, This Is How I Roll, another derby film is currently trying to raise money for production costs. The Vagine Regime: A Documentary Where Vaginas Collide puts the focus on lesbian, bisexual, and transgender skaters (a subject Kat Vecchio touched on in our interview) and how they've experienced both acceptance and opposition in the very inclusive world of women's roller derby. As of this writing, they are seven days and just under $10,000 away from their $35,000 goal at Kickstarter. They're so close to kicking ass on the big screen -- let's help them out! [Kickstarter]


  1. This is one of the things about roller derby that perpetually leaves me staggered. I’ve never come across a culture so amazingly inclusive and accepting. I badly want to see this succeed. It’s a story that needs to be told and an attitude that need to be propogated across the rest of the sporting world which can be horribly homophobic and transphobic a lot of the time. Big big derby love to Erica and everyone else involved in this.

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