Video from the Stross and Doctorow show at MakerBot in Brooklyn


9 Responses to “Video from the Stross and Doctorow show at MakerBot in Brooklyn”

  1. OMG, please run the audio through a filter to get rid of that high-pitched whine. Then repost.

    • twianto says:

      Well, since my other comment was apparently ruled redundant, let me just confirm that there is indeed a very annoying high-pitched whine that makes it all but impossible to watch this video for some people.

      That is all.

  2. politeruin says:

    A fun, frantic talk and visually nice to watch but boy you seemed to be shouting over the noise of those stuff makers at certain points.

  3. Nicky G says:

    3D printers are obviously a disruptive technology — when you’re trying to give a reading in front of a few of them that are in full-swing!

  4. peterblue11 says:

    argh. i do hate that “ehhhh u havent reead that book xyz” . that’s indeed the typical rage of the nerds. people read all kinds of books, i think a good recommendation would have sufficed. 

  5. Dustin Kurtz says:

    I thought I recognized Joly’s rig there.

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