Steampunk's guide to sex

Margaret Killjoy sez, "Combustion Books, the indie publisher of SteamPunk Magazine, is raising funds to print A Steampunk's Guide to Sex. The book is aimed to be a serious (though entertaining) look at how Victorian sexuality influences contemporary sex. The contributors include OWS's Steampunk Emma Goldman, From Hell author Alan Moore, and Professor Calamity, the US's only arrested blogger."

Attentive readers will recall Killjoy from the excellent Steampunk magazine (whose motto is "Love the machine, hate the factory") and the kick-ass What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, a steampunk choose-your-own-adventure.

A Steampunk's Guide to Sex


  1. The Guardian had a recent article on the history of the vibrator which included reference to a steam-powered model: “a steam-powered “Manipulator” had been invented, consisting of a table with a cut-out area for the patient’s pelvis, to which a vibrating sphere was then applied.”  …sorta re-conjures the sweaty stoking boys in the boiler room, don’t it? (“Ach! She canna take much more of this Captain!” [meters and dials inch toward red-line])

    1.  It’s been a while since I’ve read Naked Lunch, but I seem to remember that Steely Dan was also steam powered.

  2. …Professor Calamity, the US’s only arrested blogger.

    Is that true? I’d be (pleasantly) surprised to learn that no one else in the country has yet to be arrested for anything they ever posted on a blog.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Was this person arrested specifically for blogging? Or did they blog about being arrested for shoplifting a steam cleaner whilst listening to the Misfits? SO many questions…

  3. Someone named Killjoy wants me to learn about Victorian age sexuality? As told by Alan Moore? Absolutely nothing about that sounds enticing…and yet…I’m intrigued.

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