Stross at Doctorow at RIT tonight!

Reminder: Charlie Stross and I are doing our grand finale tonight at Rochester's RIT -- last chance to see!


  1. Rapture of the Nerds is a stunning novel, hallucinatory and relentless in its pace. If William S. Burroughs and Phillip K. Dick were computer geeks, this is the kind of novel they would write together. Brilliant! 

    Congratulations Cory, if I were in New York I would thank you in person. Mind (blown) 

  2. Well, I was at the first rehearsal for the show I’m in. Did we rehearse? No, we listened to announcements and said hi to each other, and as I was leaving, the director told me they’d cut three pages from the script that basically left my character as a coffee delivery system and not much else. So it was one of those nights. And the show will be in production during SFContario, so never mind that.

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