Anatomically correct, full-sized chocolate skulls


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  1. Bashtarle says:

    Could be fondant, the alternative is that its white chocolate …… if I was to have a candy nemesis and that nemesis wasn’t candy corn, it would be white chocolate.

    Still cool :)

  2. Thanks @twitter-188802927:disqus it’s going to be in different flavours too – none of which are candy corn you’ll be pleased to know! 

  3. Nice, guess it’s pretty expensive to deliver to the US?  I think that head needs a Chocolate Party Hat – Google it…LOL :-)

  4. chgoliz says:

    White chocolate =/= chocolate !!11!1!

    /snobby chocolate pedant

    Great, now I have a craving for 85% dark.

    • UFIA says:

       Of course it is. 
      Cocoa beans consist of almost equal parts cocoa butter and cocoa solids.  Any food made between the range of all solids and all butter is chocolate. 

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