DIY mini photo studio


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  1. Nagurski says:

    I’ve never heard of kefting. Probably illegal in Utah. 

  2. Jonathan Danz says:

    Maybe kerfing?

  3. Tichrimo says:

    Day-um.  That is exactly what I need to resume my stop-motion LEGO animation project.  (My homebrew greenscreen solution just wasn’t up to snuff, and left way too many artifacts in the finished product…)

  4. BrianHardyman says:

    Interesting. A nice setup but what does it cost? Since cost is usually the main reason to go DIY. My 16x16x16 light box ran $25 including all materials and lights.


    Clever, and a good example of careful design producing good results from simple materials.

  6. Stefan Jones says:


    I may make something similar, but it has to be collapsible. I know there are commercial solutions, but I’m a MAKER damnit!

  7. dayhat says:

    The urban dictionary states:
    Keft. to pass gas, to rip, to trump. Commonly used in the classroom after someone just let rip a major eggy fart: “OHHH! Who’s keft?”

    Colour me confused

  8. Mine is just a sturdy cardboard  box with cotton covered windows on three sides and an open front. Seems to give acceptable results. No fancy-ass infinite anythings required.

  9. djmidwest says:

    I suspect you mean kerfing not kefting. Kerfing is the process of cutting many parallel shallow cuts into wood to allow the curving of normally rigid materials .

  10. Nick Hayday says:

    Terrible photographic results on his Flickr, I made one out of a large cardboard box and some pure white artist board

  11. doggo says:

    Pretty sweet. And it’s gotta be cheaper than the commercial alternative(-ish):

  12. cleek says:

    i made mine out of PVC with some white polyester for the sides:

    cheap work lights clipped to some handy mic stands for lighting.

    works fine:

  13. Rad says:

    I think you would be better off making Steve Sint’s light table. Easier to construct and break down also better lighting possibilities.

  14. scooterscooter says:

    I’m wondering if the little tripedal robot is going to drink what’s in the brown bottle – or just look at it.

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