Experience the Iranian Internet in central London

Runa from the Tor Project sez, "What is the Iranian Internet? How does it feel to be censored? Filtered? Under constant surveillance? Unsure? Restricted? Oppressed? On Wednesday September 26, Small Media will transform their office in central London into a space where you can really get a feel of how it feels to be oppressed by censorship." (Thanks, Runa!)


  1. It’s great that people will be able to preview the future of the internet for everyone. Iran is on the cutting edge and the US and British governments must really appreciate them and China beta testing the best ways to fuck the population out of the freedom of information. 

    Fuck censorship and the people that support it. 

  2. Why does a point about censorship need to be dressed up in anti-Iranian propaganda, at a time when madmen are ratcheting up for war.  The Israelis are ordering Obama to fight their war against Iran, and war propaganda is rampant.  

    I guess it’s because Iran overthrew our democratically elected leaders.  Oh wait.  Got that backwards.

    1.  No, that is not backwards, you got it sideways.  
      You must be on the Iranian internetses, or else you could look up “democratically” and get different results. 

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