For those with cancer: make your own "With great power comes great radiotherapy" t-shirt

Science blogger Ed Yong whipped up this awesome graphic and made me a one-off tshirt to wear to radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Cancer patients, radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, and the people who love them all can make their own t-shirts and stickers with the JPEG if you are so inclined!

Thanks, Ed!


    1. Though I applaud the artist’s good intentions, I too am a bit confused by the phrase.

      How about – 




  1. For the confused:

    The original phrase is “With great power comes great responsibility”.  Comic book nerds and literary historian types fight unending battles over the true origin.

    The truth:  I wrote it 50 years from now when I stole Percival Dunwoody’s time machine, then traveled back to the time of Socrates and spelled it out for him in a plate of olives.

    1. In truth, there’s no doubt about the origins of the phrase. It was uttered by NIKOLA TESLA’s little known twin brother (TONY TESLA) after one of his rare failed experiments. The full quote is as follows:

      “With great power comes great responsibility, therefore one must be careful or else one might get electrocuted and electrocution is painful”

  2. Love it. 

    And since your typical Radiotherapy unit produces a multi-MeV (Mega Electrovolt) beam, even if you don’t get great power, you are sure to recieve great energy !

  3. i used to get a chuckle out of the radiation tech; every time i would come in to get my head irradiated, i would do the repo man quote: “You hear the most outrageous lies about radiation. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it’s bad for you. Pernicious nonsense.”

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