GoDaddy's DNS servers experiencing extended outage

If you manage your domains through GoDaddy or are hosting a website with them, it's probably down right now and has been for about an hour. Take advantage of this time to find out which ones of your friends use GoDaddy in order to ridicule them. You can start with ridiculing me. GoDaddy's management tools are down too, so you can't really do anything yet if you're affected, but there's more information about what you could do to move away from GoDaddy in this thread on Hacker News.


      1. I can. Their CEO is practically a Bond villain and they supported SOPA. Live by the elephant gun, die by the DDoS.

          1. Are they still domain squatting, snatching from their users, and proactively “purchasing” from search queries to resell? They’re still not a very nice company.

      2. No, you get what you pay for. I expect to hear that Godaddy “overlooked” some basic security that most of its competitors are already providing.

    1. Namecheap is cheaper and better in every way. We’re switching this week. Well, we’re switching as soon as Godaddy comes back online to process the transfer.

    2. I switched to DreamHost a while back.  Still cheap and I get a ridiculous amount more than I ever did with GoDaddy.

  1. You may commence ridiculing me. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing so by email if you want me to receive said ridicule in a timely manner.

  2. Our email has been out for 2 hours because we use their DNS.  Dammit, I’ve got a dozen email threads going with clients today.  At least I can still email out and let them know I can’t receive anything.  That is, assuming their domains aren’t on GoDaddy, too.  

    On the hacker’s twitter feed, his buddies have been high-fiving him.  

    Christ, what assholes.

    1. I’d be amazed if this was accomplished by a hacker. That’s not to say that it wasn’t or to support that kind of action, but I personally would be thoroughly impressed.

    1. From a technical point of view, you really are not supposed to use your registrar for DNS hosting. If you ever do want to switch, that almost guarantees you’re going to have downtime.

      Today’s events are just a neon arrow pointing at the value of that policy.

  3. One site I manage is through them and it’s still up, and FTP has been fine all day as I updated some elements, so I never noticed an issue. 

    However, a few minutes ago the owners tell me they haven’t been able to get email all day.

    Personal stuff I switched to Laughing Squid, going with the suggestion someone made here a while back.

  4. “GoDaddy’s management tools are down too”

    So, no representatives of the company have made themselves available to make any statements about- oops, I guess I misunderstood what you meant by “management tools.” Sorry.

  5. Anyone use Firefox refuses to connect to the site tonight and opening it in IE allows you to view the certificate which is issued by…yup, Go Daddy. So IE handles that situation better since there’d be no way of knowing who issues the certificate in firefox unless i’m missing something.

  6. My business was directly affected by this today, to my immediate and personal embarassment.

    And I still think it’s hilarious and well deserved. We’re switching DNS handlers within the week. (finally!)

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