HOWTO make a leather rockabilly Batman cowl

Trevor sends us, "An imgur gallery of how I constructed my leather Rockabilly Batman headgear, based on the artworks of Denis Medri, in 7 easy steps (some easier than others), as part of the Gotham City Rockers group forming for the upcoming Portsmouth Halloween Parade in NH.."

Batman Cowl Process - Imgur (Thanks, Trevor!)


    1. After googling it appears to be an early rock movement. Think Johnny Depp in Cry Baby.

      I’m not sure where leather batman masks fit in though, I’ll be honest.

      Awesome either way.

    2. Rockabilly-Batman-Denis-Medri.jpg And yes, I’m growing a pompadour for the Bruce Wayne leg of the journey. (October’s a big month in Portsmouth, multiple personas are often necessary.)

    1. Indeed! The Gotham City Rockers have a Catwoman. And 30-odd other characters, too. We’ve even got a logo for t-shirts to raise money for the Parade. Can you tell I’m a little excited?

      1. Sounds awesome. Don’t be discouraged by those who have never heard of rockabilly… they’re not only missing out on the concept, they’re missing out on an archetypal cool music genre.

        Got a batmobile for “Greased Lightning”?

        1. Working on it. We’ve provoked two new bands to form for a Gothambilly show in October, hoping to rope off some parking spots and have a little motorshow to go with it. Not sure if we can pull that off, though (the Parking Nazis in Portsmouth are nasty), but we’ve got drive.

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