HOWTO make huge, wall-mounted papercraft Minecraft scenery

Jeff sez, "Some gamers need a Railgun, others choose an M1A1, most seem to desire an Energy Sword...but what we need is a pickaxe! That's right, our current favorite diversion from lab work is Minecraft. We didn't want the fun to stop on the screen, so we created giant, 3-D, papercraft Minecraft terrains on our walls and show you how to build your own."

Build 3-D Papercraft Minecraft Terrains (Thanks, Jeff)


    1.  The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co probably thought of it a long time ago and then forgot about it. They haven’t figured out teh intarwebs yetl.

  1. this would also work nice with a dwarf fortress tile set. the obvious difference being that everything shall be soaked in GOBLIN BLOOD!(and quite a bit of cat)

  2. Mossy cobble is only on the floor of dungeons.  Walls are cobblestone, and the ceiling is unchanged from the existing environment.  Thank you for reading this very important nitpick.

  3. This would be nice as small magnets where you can move them around and make your own terrain.

    Maybe make them double sided and the reverse is what the blocks turn into mined. So on the back of stone there’s cobble, lava/obsidian, grass/dirt, logs/plank. Gold, diamond and iron ore can be solid blocks of the ingots. Coal can be a Torch and maybe that side is coated to glow in the dark.  Mossy cobble can be mob spawners with faces, they’re could be multiple versions for each mob. Pair other blocks up and it becomes a nice construction set.

    A different pack could be redstone in the — and + shapes. Redstone torches and Repeaters can share one. You could do Redstone diagrams on your fridge.

    These could be collectibles like you buy a package and what’s inside is random. Rares could be like Enderdragon Eggs or the Eye of Ender square on End Portals. Cake would be super duper rare.

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