New chapter in comic strip about underground publisher John Wilcox

I love Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall's comic strip about the colorful and brilliant underground publisher John Wilcox. My only complaint is that it runs so infrequently! They just posted the third chapter.

Chapter Three: Party Time with Bud Waldo

Featuring "Editing Norman Mailer" (a true account of Mailer's brief stint as a columnist for the Village Voice), "Woody Allen Before He was Woody Allen", "An Interview with Jean Shepherd" and bonus early appearances by Paul Krassner and Lyle Stuart. This chapter covers the years 1956 and 1957 in the history of the underground press.


  1. That would be the same Norman Mailer who turned a serial killer loose on New York because one should overlook such minor pecadillos in a major talent? (OK, yes, I’m exaggerating. But this IS Norman Mailer we’re talking about.)

  2. Fantastic comic, thanks for the update, Mark! I’d forgotten about this series after the first installment and am now thrilled to see it again.

    Anyone notice that in the scenes with Florence and John, the artwork takes on a “pulp” comic feel?

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