R2D2 rolling luggage

Salvador Bachiller's €95 R2D2 rolling baggage looks great. I know nothing about its materials, handling or build-quality (for all I know, it corners like a 30-year-old supermarket trolley, crumples the first time you fly with it, and scratches if you look at it crosseyed), but it sure is cool-looking.

AZ-2028 ROBOT TROLLEY 60 (via Cnet Crave)


  1. It’d be even better if it were outfitted with bleeps and boops, but then the TSA would probably just blow the entire thing up anyway.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking when I saw it! I don’t know how many people on Etsy are making stuff that seems to violate IP from everyone from George Lucas to Nintendo.  I love how they are doing it despite lacking a licensing agreement, because really… who is going to have a licensing agreement with LucasArts to make a $23 Millennium Falcon pendant?

    2.  Oh yeah, hand in your geek badge… a parsec is a unit of measure, not a unit of time ;)  Yes, George Lucas got that one wrong, too.  Besides, he needs to hand in his geek badge for foisting Phantom Menace upon us.  No, I still haven’t forgotten that, Lucas!  Nor Greedo shooting *first*.  /rant

      1. The most common explanation/rationalization for the “12 parsecs” line is that the Kessel Run usually covers a much longer distance, but that by taking a shortcut past some black holes (something that takes a fast ship to avoid being sucked in by their gravitational pull), a good pilot with a fast ship can cut the distance down. 

  2. Eh… It just looks really off. Cool idea, poor execution. Although maybe its intentionally poor so they can try and pretend it was never meant to look like R2D2…

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