Venus Patrol, gaming art and culture site, launches


4 Responses to “Venus Patrol, gaming art and culture site, launches”

  1. cyx ceven says:

    The heck happened with the other two games?

    I wish I could un-back these hipster indie-wannabes.

  2. embryoconcepts says:

    What an…interesting logo choice.

  3. Brandon Boyer says:

    Cyx: the demo version of Johann Sebastian Joust was released to Kickstarter backers last November. It’s not included in the subscription package because Die Gute Fabrik has other (awesome) plans for its final, full release.

    Superbrothers is currently quietly in pre-production on their next game — Kickstarter backers are still slated to receive an early chunk of that when the time is right, and little previews of it have quietly been sneaking around in various live events…

    Sorry to hear you’re not happy with how the site’s turned out. I only see one entry containing a “cyx” in it in my Kickstarter backer report — if this is you, I’m happy to remove you from all future mailings, and I’ll even kick back the $1 via PayPal!

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