Handmade Doctor Who chess set

 004 0 5316675 Il Fullxfull.373540694 L8N7

 008 0 5316675 Il Fullxfull.373541870 A99Y

Emmi Visser made this one-of-a-kind Doctor Who chess set. It's $949 on Etsy and will be gone in 3… 2… 2… "UNIQUE DETAILED Doctor Who chess set" (via Dangerous Minds)


      1. The Daleks didn’t feature that prominently in series 5 and 6, and the ones that did had ridiculous colours so I decided to pick some of the new(er) villains :) Besides, I made 8 Daleks in the tenth Doctor’s chess set I made last year so I was up for something different haha. (I made this set)

    1. and K-9 should be a knight.

      but of course, everyone would have their opinion as to what should go where- i dont mean to be an A-hole to the lovely who made this cool cool chess set. (chess sets are cool!)

  1. What?! River Song as Queen, not King? All the pieces should be River Song, anything less insults The River Song Adventures: The Adventures of River Song.

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