Handmade Doctor Who chess set


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  1. Christopher says:

    It’s awesome, but…no Daleks?

    • I know right?  Daleks should have been pawns, or Rook/Bishop/Knight at the least.

      I wonder what the BBC’s take is on unlicensed Doctor Who products though?

      • Emmi Geeky Arts says:

        The Daleks didn’t feature that prominently in series 5 and 6, and the ones that did had ridiculous colours so I decided to pick some of the new(er) villains :) Besides, I made 8 Daleks in the tenth Doctor’s chess set I made last year so I was up for something different haha. (I made this set)

  2. Jeff Spencer says:

    Blimey, she’s from my hometown! What are the chances of that?!

    Gorgeous set, I must say. 

    • and K-9 should be a knight.

      but of course, everyone would have their opinion as to what should go where- i dont mean to be an A-hole to the lovely who made this cool cool chess set. (chess sets are cool!)

  3. Autonymous Media Daemon says:

    What?! River Song as Queen, not King? All the pieces should be River Song, anything less insults The River Song Adventures: The Adventures of River Song.

  4. MirWish says:

    Who is the king and the queen for the enemy side?

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