If you haven't been sold on Mindy Kaling yet, this New York Magazine profile should do the trick

If there is any one new show that I'm looking forward to watching this fall, it's The Mindy Project, featuring showrunner and star, Mindy Kaling. I've been a fan of Kaling for a long time, but I knew that when her show finally became part of Fox's primetime lineup, I'd probably forget to watch, because I am just not good at appointment television. But after reading this incredibly fun profile of Kaling that appeared in New York Magazine, I'm definitely going to have to make appointments with her and her fictional counterpart. (via Vulture)


  1. It’s unfortunate that the title of the show is just awful in its blatant lack of creativity.   Unless it centers around a project designed to generate Mindys, or Mindy’s character is named Mindy and is focused on a project that she has named after herself, or the title is an odd reference to either the Manhattan Project or the Alan Parsons Project, it is a stupid, lazy name for a show.

    1.  I probably shouldn’t tell you this, since you are no Mindy, sir (you are an ANDY…, for Christ’s sake!!!!), but this is planned Mindy take over.  We are all of a certain age and named after a certain TV show.  And we are legion…

      Watch for us in the shadows…. 

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