The streets of Manhattan, transformed into song on 9/11 (music video)


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  1. cj howeareya says:

    Reggie Watts!

  2. sam1148 says:

    A joyous musical celebration on 9/11 for self promotion? That’s pretty tasteless; are they adding “It’s Raining Men” to the playlist too?  

    • Dave X says:

      If all enjoyment of life has to cease each 9/11 until every f**ktard on the net takes a chill pill, it’s gonna take a while. Enjoy the video, and be happy you’re here to see it!

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I couldn’t figure out why there were pictures of New York City on all the porn Tumblr blogs this morning. It took me about an hour to realize what the date is.

    • mccrum says:

      I completely disagree, I woke up today with a feeling of dread that permeated my entire train ride into work. Same kind of early-September weather, cloudless sky, Tuesday. My whole day was awful, riding the subways around town with subdued passengers, running in and out of work with reminders on every corner from the headlines.

      I finally get home and find this little gem reminding me of how incredibly amazing the locals are when you really need them to be and how much fun this town can be. Totally cheered me right up.

      You must be a ton of fun every December 7th.

  3. Boundegar says:

    They totally messed up on Roxanne.   Ska is hard.

  4. Owen Wylde says:

    That was a good clip. New York, tell the terrorists that you have not been broken, that you are back in business and life is still joyous.

    We cold mope around, watching the skies and be paranoid, or we can enjoy whatever amount of life we have left.

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