The wonderful horror of hermit crabs migrating


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  1. It’s like a magical cross between a classic car show and the walking dead.  
    Strangely beautiful. 

  2. rob_cornelius says:

    I have a phobia of crabs… thanks a bunch for this

  3. Brainspore says:

    Please stop reminding me of those stupid Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

  4. The Hamster King says:

    I challenge you to CLAWPLACH!

  5. Tony Marasco says:

    “The answers, upon reflection, are rather obvious. They are going to the sea.”

    Aren’t they going AWAY from the sea? Looks like they’re headed onto land in the video?

    • Beanolini says:

      The answers, upon reflection of the reflection, are rather obvious. They are going away from the sea. They went there to get laid. 

  6. Muscato says:

    Goodness.  Kuru, cranial tapeworms, and hordes of scuttling tiny monsters, all in one day.  This must be some kind of record for sheer discomfiting-ness, no?

  7. robcat2075 says:

     1) I wonder what evolutionary pressure induced them re-use found shells instead of growing their own?

    2) I’m surprised there is not a giant cloud of seagulls swarming to pick them off that beach.

    3)fun hermit crab fact from wikipedia:

    “Several hermit crab species, both terrestrial and marine, use “vacancy chains” to find new shells: when a new, bigger shell becomes available, hermit crabs gather around it and form a kind of queue from largest to smallest. When the largest crab moves into the new shell, the second biggest crab moves into the newly vacated shell, thereby making its previous shell available to the third crab, and so on.”

    4) That is faux classical music at best.

  8. Thank God I have no intention of ever visiting the Virgin Islands – yikes!!!

  9. timquinn says:

    “The answers, upon reflection, are rather obvious. They are going to the sea. They are going there to get laid.”

    ’twas ever thus.

  10. BodyJCount says:

    That first sentence has me imagining a remake/satire of Death Cab’s Sound of Settling.

  11. chris jimson says:

    All that socializing isn’t very “hermit”-like, if you ask me.

  12. “One man only saw them and him they killed, hunted him down through the dense reed beds, trapped him, drove him mad with terror before they pulled him to pieces and ate every bloodied shred of his body. And then it was quiet again – for a little while, until they came ashore again. On that holiday beach there were hundreds of men, women and children. Food!” 

  13. Chuck says:

    Seems they could mate accidentally simply by all the times they crawl over one another.

    “Wait — why did we come here?”

    “I don’t know.  But I think I’m about to lay eggs for some reason.  I’d better go back.”

  14. SushiSpook says:

    They’re trying to migrate away from the wincingly poor and ridiculous choice of music. 

    • Boundegar says:

      Oh dear God.  I only watched the first minute, and thought the music wasn’t too bad.

      I just watched the second minute.  It’s really that bad.  But at least it wasn’t The Final Countdown.

  15. Ed O'Connor says:

    Cool video, but music fail.  The natural beauty of crabs scuttling around doin’ their thing is neither ominous nor exhilarating. The scenes do not need to be ridiculously amped up with pseudo-Wagnerian wankery.

  16. Nicky G says:

    I really could visit Saint John every month and not feel I’m overdoing it.

  17. Gilbert Wham says:

    For those discomfited by Ersatz Wagner-wankery, the crabs can get their freak on much better with some classic

    Porn Funk playing in another tab…

  18. mattcornell says:

    Wish I could hear more of that scuttling and less of this terrible music.

  19. TalkingKoala says:


  20. wilmcdaniel says:

    What’s that song by Jane’s Addiction?

  21. TheMudshark says:

    This is classical music as much as a whopper with extra cheese is a fine meal.
    The video is great.

  22. TheGnagflow61 says:

    another famous crab mass migration happens on Christmass Island:

    even a kitty involved ;-)

  23. It is actually almost like something from a horror movie. They even look a bit like ants from further away at the start.

  24. Crissa says:

    Could you link to the video on vimeo?  Embedding was blocked today.

  25. daemonsquire says:

    A few years ago, in northern Laos, I visited what, in the wet season, might have been a lovely waterfall in a forest, but during my visit was a dry riverbed.  The riverbed, and the forest all around was filled with many thousands of daddy-long-leg spiders, skittering audibly across the ground.  I’m sure the hermit crabs, underneath their bombastic score, are quite a bit louder, but I wish I’d had at least a tape recorder, if not a video cam, to share the subtle din of thousands of skittering spiders that haunts me to this day.

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