Tom Tom Club's first EP in 10+ years: Downtown Rockers


6 Responses to “Tom Tom Club's first EP in 10+ years: Downtown Rockers

  1. neurogami says:

    How Music Works is well worth getting. Nicely done book.

  2. B E Pratt says:

    One expects no less from the head Head. I saw every damn Talking Heads concert in Austin, except for the Stop Making Sense Tour. Bummer. Still, saw the one at the Armadillo when the B-52′s opened. Just hardly ever gets better than that.
         And no sir. The Big Giant Head turned out to be William Shatner.

  3. bobrk says:

    Don’t forget his recent collaboration with St Vincent, Love This Giant. 

    But Tina would be pissed off that we’re talking about David, and not her and Chris. ;-)

  4. bluest_one says:

    Sounds pretty good from the samples. A lot more intersting than what Byrne is up to these days. I say that as a huge fan of Talking Heads and Mr. Byrne (as an artist and a person) – I just find what he does with his voice these days … annoying: trying to hit that same few notes over and over again in every song.

    And they’re not notes I particularly care for. :(

  5. Preston Sturges says:

    One of the things that makes the original Tom Tom Club album still fun is the references to stuff like Funkadelic that I only picked up on years later.   

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