Upcoming episode of Gravity Falls features animation by Paul Robertson (episode clip)


9 Responses to “Upcoming episode of Gravity Falls features animation by Paul Robertson (episode clip)”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Great show. I was hooked the moment a gnome vomited a rainbow.

  2. gedsudski says:

    We love it too but it seems really out of place on Disney.  

    • theophrastvs says:

      There have been a couple of exchanges that had me checking the channel again.  For example:

      Gideon’s dad: Would you like some coffee? It’s imported all the way from Columbia.
      Grunkle Stan: Ooooh, I went to jail there once.

      Gravity Falls is great!  may it run for many many seasons.

    • sarahnocal says:

      It’s complete lack of female characters seems pretty Disney to me.

      • trogdorian1 says:

        There’s mabel and the redheaded gal dipper likes and mabel’s ‘rival.’. i mean, it’s a small show with a lot of one off characters, its not Twin Peaks yet.

      • Chip says:

        Of the five main characters importent enough to make the opening credit sequence, two are female.  One of which is arguably the co-lead, and has already had a few episodes revolve directly around her.  As a children’s show, none of the characters are particularly “deep”, but they’ve probably developed Mabel in more depth than any of the others.  Overall, I think the show is pretty fair and gender-neutral.

  3. AwesomeRobot says:

    I’ve been following Paul’s artwork for a while and it’s really great to see him completely blowing up over the past few years! 

  4. Ruth Bazinet says:

    My kids and I love this show! We don’t often watch television as a family (or much at all) but this is one that brings us together for a half hour of laughs. It’s not surprising the level of talent they’re bringing in to make this multi-layered magic happen.

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