Upcoming episode of Gravity Falls features animation by Paul Robertson (episode clip)

[Video Link] My daughter and I are hooked on Gravity Falls, a quirky new cartoon series on Disney about about the goings-on in an occult curio shack in the Pacific Northwest (see Jane's interview with show creator Alex Hirsch here). Now David and his son are hooked, too!

The next episode, which airs Friday, September 14, features Street Fighter style animation by the amazing pixel artist Paul Robertson (some of his art is NSFW).

Here's another clip:

Gravity Falls on The Disney Channel


    1. There have been a couple of exchanges that had me checking the channel again.  For example:

      Gideon’s dad: Would you like some coffee? It’s imported all the way from Columbia.
      Grunkle Stan: Ooooh, I went to jail there once.

      Gravity Falls is great!  may it run for many many seasons.

      1. There’s mabel and the redheaded gal dipper likes and mabel’s ‘rival.’. i mean, it’s a small show with a lot of one off characters, its not Twin Peaks yet.

      2. Of the five main characters importent enough to make the opening credit sequence, two are female.  One of which is arguably the co-lead, and has already had a few episodes revolve directly around her.  As a children’s show, none of the characters are particularly “deep”, but they’ve probably developed Mabel in more depth than any of the others.  Overall, I think the show is pretty fair and gender-neutral.

  1. My kids and I love this show! We don’t often watch television as a family (or much at all) but this is one that brings us together for a half hour of laughs. It’s not surprising the level of talent they’re bringing in to make this multi-layered magic happen.

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