100 critically-endangered species


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  1. elix says:

    This is the actual link to the article, as opposed to the article list.

    I wonder if these cute little guys are on the list. According to Arkive.org they’re the most endangered species of hare left, but I’m not qualified to confirm that. (Edit: Far as I can tell, they are not on the list.)

  2. Anthony I says:

    Sumatran rhinoceros is going extinct because of a superstitious belief that consuming powered rhino horn will give a guy a hard-on, cure people of cancer and so on…  Perhaps some money trying to dispel the myth may help this creature the most.  

  3. TheKaz1969 says:

    I hate sloths. Think they are creepy and just waiting to leap at us and tear our throats out. I don’t want them extinct, though… :(

  4. ashabot says:

    Why argue over who is or isn’t on “the list”.  Time for solutions. We are all screwed if we don’t change the way we live on this planet.

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