A tour of the bat cave


8 Responses to “A tour of the bat cave”

  1. Visiting your homepage or this article causes Google Chrome to automatically begin downloading a 100MB mp4 file!

  2. lava says:

    “—which the video’s narrator likens to a pool of lava—”

    That’s not just “the video’s narrator” – that is Flora, Science Friday’s Video Editor. We love Flora.

  3. Jupiter Jones says:

    Firefox here with an obnoxious autoplaying video.

  4. It should be fixed now, you guys. On my Chrome it’s not autoplaying or downloading anything now. Let me know if you’re still getting bad results as of 10:30 am central. 

  5. I’m using Safari and I’m seeing a video saying that if acquire a microscope I can go on a Safari in my own home.

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